Second Outdoor Grow 6 Plants W/ Autoflowering

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    Hi! Here I am to show you and receive your feedback on my second outdoor grow.

    This year I don't have much time available so I decided to try some autoflowering seeds.

    I bought 7 osiris feminised autoflowering seeds, had a logistic problem with 3 of them and threw 4 in the ground (all of them popped up.)

    At the same time I have 2 bag seed plants growing, one of them is growing really well.
    I will be updating as much as I can but this thread mainly because I will ask for your opinion on the harvest time.

    20130524_184622.jpg 20130527_141812.jpg 20130527_141816.jpg 20130529_142828.jpg 20130531_142835.jpg 20130603_140920.jpg 20130605_124650.jpg 20130605_124658.jpg 20130605_124721.jpg
  2. They look good and its a nice cross
  3. update, the autoflowering are starting to flower

    20130612_113733.jpg 20130612_113736.jpg 20130612_113743.jpg 20130612_113747.jpg 20130612_113752.jpg 20130612_113757.jpg 20130612_113801.jpg
  4. How far along are they?
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    they are startting to flower now. i don't recall exactly when I threw the seed on the ground but I think it was 2 months ago
  6. arent they suppose to be 60day seeds? Its been 60 and your just starting to flower.. at that rate u should have just used photo's
    but photos flower in a time when i'm not available to take care of them and isn't 60 days the flowering time anyway? i think what differs in this kind of AF strains is the time they spend in vegetative stage.
    i'm no pro btw, correct me if i'm wrong
  8. little update:  20130617_120600.jpg   20130617_120553.jpg   20130617_120548.jpg   20130617_120544.jpg   20130617_120540.jpg  

    do you think that this is underwatering? (the plant that is closest to the camera):
    i'd like to hear some opinions
  9. the 60 day time should be the time the autos break soil til the time they finish flower. From start to finish they should take 60 days, Hence the quick time/small yeild
  10. update:
    20130619_134219.jpg 20130619_134228.jpg 20130619_134231.jpg 20130619_134236.jpg 20130619_134241.jpg 20130619_134250.jpg

    still wondering whats happening with this one (she has been watered frequently):

  11. Maybe watered too frequently or not enough? can know how much water you use and such. What are your temps there? If they are yellowing id lean more toward underwatering. I can't tell from your pics. Also check for bugs that like to drain enzymes.
  12. i thought the water could be draining too fast making her unable to receive enough water because I've been watering them frequently. the temperatures are not too hot nor too cold, 18-21ºC and they're not yellowing.

    i will check for bugs
  13. Hey buddy I'm just learning as I go to let you know. If not yellowing or turning lighter green forget the bugs too. If your watering frequently at those temps with no color change id say overwatering if they were mine back off don't water for a few days and see if they perk up. If it was underwatering and been going on for several days you would begin to see other symptoms of stress also. If water don't fix it go from there. Good luck.
    will do. expect updates
  15. UPDATE

    it's gonna be very hot in this next days so i hope if its overwatering she will be better.
    20130621_132323.jpg 20130621_132326.jpg 20130621_132332.jpg 20130621_132341.jpg 20130621_132349.jpg 20130621_132355.jpg
  16. UPDATE

    is she ready for harvest? i was thinking about harvesting this friday but idk if i should do that. the thrychomes seem cloudy i guess

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  17. doesnt look close to ready to me
  18. Atleast 3-4 weeks more. DO NOT CUT HER!
  19. No where near it. No bud plant has no bud. I got one about that far along too. All joking aside wait man. Did she perk up?
  20. No buds, just preflowering. Be patient.

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