Second occurence on mushrooms, anybody else?

Discussion in 'General' started by JuniorCain, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. A few weeks ago, I was tripping with my friends and towards the end of the trip, we were just chilling out and we smoked a bowl and turned off the lights, my head went insane and I flipped out, turned on the lights and started pacing, then I blacked out on the floor. After a moment I came to and everything was cool.

    Today, I took half an eighth of shrooms just to chill out on for the day. About 5 hours after I took them, my friends came by and suggested a toke, with the trip mostly gone, I figured there was no harm. So, I sat and smoked a few bowls with 4 other friends. We started getting the munchies, so we decided it be nice to eat somewhere, so we got up to go. When I stood up everything took a neon effect, like an effect in a photo editor. Then my vision started blacking out again, so I told my friend that I was going to black out and fell down. I sat for a few more minutes and everything was cool, so I decided to try again. We started walking back to our cars and I kept trying to breathe because I felt like I couldn't, then instead of blacking out, my visions was covered in mostly red, white and blue dots. I could still tell what was going on, but most of my vision was fucked. So, I started panicking, thinking that I was going blind and that my parents would disown me because they had a son that when blind because of mushrooms, when we finally got to the car, I threw up. Then I leaned on the car and proceeded to experience, what felt and looked like from the outside as a minor seizure. My buddies helped me into the car and I sat with my vision still fucked up. My buddy turned the A/C on and I started to chill out and get my vision back. My other friend bought me a soda from a gas station and I sat and drank and thought about what had just happened.

    I just want to know, has anybody else had this shit go on before? I thought the first time was just a fluke, but I guess it will happen every time. Any insight at all? All replies are welcomed.
  2. just a crazy theory but both times it happened were you sitting and then stood up real quick coulda got a head rush aand with the mix of bud and boomers just started trippin out
  3. I read a book about Marijuana that was written scientifically and they called that postural hypotension where your body can't regulate your low blood pressure when changing altitudes in a a fast manner, it'd make sense if it were just an extreme version of that set off my the shrooms.
  4. Smoking weed near the end of a shroom trip always brings it back a little bit for me. Even if it's just a few hits of shitty weed, I always get way out there when I smoke on shrooms.

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