Second light or No?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by BoomRuckus, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. I am currently growing in a 4x4 tent. I have a 1200 watt LED (red and Blue spectrum) and a 1000 watt full spectrum LED. I have 2 cropped sativas and getting bushier by the day. I will be taking the 1000 watt light out shortly to use for veg room and I was wondering if it is worth it to use 2 1200 watt LED's for the 2 plants. Or do you think I would have a good dense yield with just 1 1200 watt? Eventually I will put 2 lights if I decide to do more than 2 plants, but I dont want to if I dont need to.
  2. I would personally say yes I had 2 viparspectra lights in a 6 x 4 and was pleased with harvest. I went to 4- 600w viparspectra lights in the same 6 x 4 and it is worth it, all its doubled yeild, more importantly the buds were more dense and bigger. If I had the cash I would add 2 more so i had 6 and stop there.

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  3. That's what I was thinking. Im shooting for as dense of buds as I can get. How do you think 2 plants under just the 1200 watt LED would do? I suspect it should still be a good yield and fairly dense. Just dont know if I want to drop the money now or wait.
  4. They will do good under the 1200 vipar, that's what my buddy uses and why I bought vipar. I went with the 600's so I could get better coverage and spread. Also the 2 600' were a little more wattage(power) at the wall by a few watts more and few bucks less as compared to the 1200. I am very pleased with these lights. One day I will be buying quantum boards when I can afford em. The dudes on the site have me sold on em.

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  5. Yeah. Im looking toward those eventually too. Maybe I can start my quantum board collection instead of another 1200 watt.
  6. Ya hear ya, I'm 4 lights deep plus a few more in my photo room so I'm gonna use the hell out of em while I save up to buy the proper quantum board set up. I've getting 3-4 z a plant doing 12 at time, lst supercropping then start scrogging couple weeks b 4 flowering. When I get boards I'll swap out my 3 250w leds in my clone/seedling auto tent and throw a couple of the 600's in it. I have to learn more about quantum boards and drivers so I get the prime setup. So I need to talk to someone that know their quantum board and driver game so I know what to get, I can then make my footprint in the room larger up to 6 x 7. Pic is my current photo period room. I do autos in a tent in another room so I can 20/4 on them and hold me over between photo grows.[​IMG]

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  7. The other 4 lights u see are 100w each(26w each at wall) 3k leds w 45 degree angle, and a cheap ass 60w(19w at wall)blurple I had hanging around so said fuck throw that in and use it too. So the photo room is 2,860 watts(1,163 true power total). The tent is 750w(336true total power).

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  8. That light bulb in pic isn't there anymore my replacement came in so the 4- 3k's match as the should.

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  9. I hate it when I can't just go to a picture lolll

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  10. You should do fine. This one is under 120w blurple.
  11. Get a big ass hula hoop, attach mylar to it and put it around your lights and plants.

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