Second level for scrogg?

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  1. Greetings fellow growers! So I had 4 Northern Lights x Big Bud clones, 3 of which i decided to scrog. They went outside June 1st. I built a 10' x 2' scrog net (trying to keep is inconspicuous) and have been weaving branches for about a month. The method is certainly working as I've completely filled up the net with a crazy number of lateral shoots. The problem is that I underestimated how quickly and fully these would grow and now I'm out of room. Can't tuck anymore.

    My question is, should i put up a second net starting a few inches above the current canopy? The purpose wouldn't be to continue tucking...simply to spread out all of the bud sites. If so, should I wait until thw stretch begins? Im at lat 42 so they should start flowering in a couple weeks in the northeast.

    I'd appreciate any input. Thanks!
    20190721_133000.jpg 20190721_125409.jpg 20190719_155818.jpg

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