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  1. So im working on my second indoor grow and im using 2x4x5 idaodan grow tent with a 1000w led with uv an ir spectrum i have a air purifier and sanitizer with 0.3 micron carbon and hepa filter. My question is i have 2 recently sprouted seeds, when should i put them under & how far away. TIA

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  2. If it doesn't mention in your manufacturer's handbook I'd hang at 30", maybe 36" if it's true 1000w to begin with, and check frequently for stretching as to whether or not the light needs to be brought closer.

    Put them under the light as soon as they break out from under the soil i.e now.
  3. Thank you all my light instructions said was 0.5-1.5m i think but i didn't know if it had to be closer when sprouting or vice versa
  4. I'd start at 1.5m then or 60" to be safe going off instructions, for the seedlings anyway and check over 24-48 hours whether it looks like it's stretching.

    But that's assuming that their distance suggestions are for flowering cycles; seedling, veg, flower. 1.5m for seedling gradually brought to within 0.5m for flower.

    60" does seem a bit far, but I've never used a 1000w. Maybe search the lighting section for other 1000w users.
  5. most of the "1000w" leds only use about a quarter to a third of those watts. can you link the product that you bought?
  6. 2x4's are best with two lights... if on a budget two mars hydro 300's would work... that's 270 actual watts at 130 dollars... it's what I use right now and it's working great... though a third light would always do wonders. So maybe consider adding a couple mars hydros to the sides of the grow tent as you grow. Set up a scrog fill it up those three lights could get you 12 ounces.

    Grow journal
  7. Right in the description roughly 185 watts.

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