second hydro grow. not sure what the problem is. help please

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  1. Hey guys, i'm having an issue with my baby here. i'll give as much info as i can think to give, but if i leave something out just ask and i'll add it.

    Its in a 2.5 gal res (although its too thirsty and i was planning on moving it this weekend).
    I'm using distilled water, PH balanced between 5.5 and 6 (i try to keep it around 5.7) with technaflora nutes.
    I''m using the standard veg formula they provide at full strength (1200ppm give or take).
    air stones (the only reason i mention them is because they are porous and could possibly be growing bacteria maybe....?)
    2 flourerescents on the side and the main light is a Procyon LED

    Ok, so lately i have had a hell of a time keeping the PH down. it's been hovering close to 6 and sometimes a little over. my last grow only took 1 or 2 drops of PH down to get it back down to around 5.6. but now, i'm having to use 12+ drops just to get it down to about 5.85. i thought maybe my PH reader was off, so i double check with the test drops and it give roughly the same reading. So its entirely possible its the PH, but i've been keeping it close to 6, and the few times it goes over i immediately try to drop it back down. is this what lockout looks like?

    another thought was possibly some kind of fungus or bacteria. i add 1.5 ml of h2o2 when i first mix teh solution, but usually forget to add it again in the middle of the week. i know thats not good to forget but i did the same thing with the first plant, and this didn't happen.

    the last thought i had was the res is too small. this is the starter res which is 2.5 gal. i was planning on moving it to a 5 gal res this weekend, but may have to do it now. the plant is pretty thirsty, and so a good portion of the roots are exposed, and not getting very much moisture. based on the info and pics what do you think? any one of those issues or a combo of all 3 or is it something else entirely? i can't lose this plant so i greatly appreciate any help you guys can give me. thanks in advance for your help

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  2. just notice the last pic is sideways. sorry. i'm dumb at computers.
  3. i believe you may have some root rot. it causes the pH to rise.

    you dont leave the H202 in the resivour for more than a few hours, do you? because if so, thats a no-no.

    ide fill your res up with water and use 2 1/2 mL per gal of the H202 and let the roots soak for about an hour or so, than change it back to its regular solution. while you are doing that with the plant, clean out your usual resivour.
  4. thanks for the feedback. the guy at the hydro store said to mix in h2o2 at a very low ratio (1ml per gal) and leave it in. i did that for my first plant and it turned out pretty impressive for my first hydro attempt. i take it after reading your post this was bad advice? the guy looked like a stoned garden gnome, so i figured he knew a thing or two about growing. I'll take your advice and see what happens.

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