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  1. Okay I am gonna start this grow to try out new things/experiments and to get some quality bud lol i germinated them for 2 days and they both were good... they are some bagseed from some pretty bomb ass shit so i hope they are good...

    I'm using a 150w HPS light and i got a couple fans going so the air is pretty good in circulation wise... ill slap on some cfl's when flowering is needed so thats no prob...

    I am using some reagular soil not like it matters to me for the first couple days... i plan on transplanting when they sprout anyways.. but until then no nutes or ferts...

    The temp in the closet varies from 78-83 at its lowest/hottest so its perfect temp... i need a humidity thing but until then i guess its doing pretty fine.. seeing as my other plants are doing okay...

    Here is the first pic of the grow :)

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  2. Still No Change... i pulled the dirt back a little to see if anything might soon be sprouting up and both were almost touching the surface so i covered them back up and hopin for tomorrow morn to see something :)
  3. Looks good bro. You can move the dirt and take the seed off if needed. Just be gentle :). Hope it works out for you.:wave:
  4. Okay as of today they are just now sprouting up :) yay!

    Number 1: Great growth already grabbin some light :)

    Number 2: Doing good, just a little behind... had to pull the shell casing off cuz was stuck and was lookin for some help :)

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