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    Hello all,

    I started my second grow 5 days ago, and I'm looking for any tips, advice, and support as I am still learning! My first grow was cut short as it was a male (bag seed). I had two more seeds lying around so why not give them a shot?

    They're under a 300 Watt LED at about 22-24 in. Temps are in the high 70's and occasionally creep up to around 84-85. I'm working on ways to keep the temps from reaching that high but so far with little success. The RH is between 35-45% with plenty of circulation and airflow. I haven't added any nutes and have watered once since they sprouted (roughly 36 hours after planting) with a ph of 6.8-6.9. The runoff ph at planting was 6.3, and I forgot to record it after the first water. They're planted in 2:1 Fox Farms Happy Frog soil and perlite.

    I will continue to update this thread for anyone that wants to follow along and offer a lending hand with any questions I may have in the future! Thank you to everyone in advance


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  2. You should go over to the journals section and start one there.
    Only thing I lll say now is save yourself the heartache and buy fem seeds!
    Good luck

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