second grow, what I'm i doing wrong???

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  1. ill have a 120x240x200 tent with one 1600w mars 2 hydro and one mars 2 hydro 1200 and two roleadro cobs 400 w as backup light, the roleadros r running on half the effect just 200w each to get the light up in the corners, i stuned them with to much light the first days but after that I've been really cautious, so my lady's are growing amazingly only they r not growing tall just a lot of leaves ant super thick stem, i removed half of all the leaves yesterday, and there was a lot , they r one month old and some r normal around 30 cm tall while others r like super thick n no space at all between the branches its like it won't grow vertically, could this be a result of the first days of to much light? or why do they behave like this, otherwise they r super healthy. any input will be much appreciated! i pull 1450w from the wall so I'm not up to 1600w for 32 square foot wich i will be if ill run the roleadros cobs full out but I'm wating til they go in to full bloom before trying that, I've heard between 30-50w per square foot so 1600w will make 50w/square foot wich would be ideal, any who, plz help, how do i make these ladies get some hight? plz help!
  2. Pics would be nice.
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  3. That's usually from lights being too close, how far away are yours?

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  4. Pics Will be upplades soon, i keep the lights 3 feet away so its actually further away then recomended, i did take alot of leaves away so that the side branches Will be given more light and space to actually catch some hight if they feel like it, and if the light would be to close wouldnt the leaves be at least a bit bleached? There super green and healthy, but u might be absolutly right it might be to close i was thinking that as well so i moved them from the recomended hight of 24" to 3 feet but i dont know How accurate the recomendations are. N some plants r just plain small from being stuned, Will they bounce back or are they just a waste of space. The plants that do grow really well looks as i Said really healthy only really really short, should i move the light even further away cuz half of them more or less have normal hight considering they r one months old, i should have taken the pics before i removed the leaves cuz they where of the size of My hand like super big. Plz help
  5. Oh and one more thing i might have mentioned it before but some plants of the same strains r acting perfectly normal hight like speaking under the exact same light, im really confused Whats going on...
  6. Are you getting lots of veg growth down tge stems an branches ? Lots of side branching but not stretching ??
  7. Spot on! Thats Exactly Whats happening, why? Ur a star if u know by the way!
  8. Same thing happened to me, its fine just keep going. Iv just started to use a mars 1200w and i noticed that it took a bit longer to grow in height compared to the hps i previously used but it but kicked out a lot more vegitation on side branching.

    Just keep going man. Still post a pic just be sure but i think it is that
  9. Cheers mate! Thats really helpfull, Will post some pics later when i get home, wish i would have taken the pics before getting rid of all the crazy veg and closly put togeather leavs and branches but u guys get the Idea. Will keep on going then with the same distance and hopefully it Will gain some hight now that i trimed it so the side branches get light and actually got somewhere to grow upwards instead of growing sidewise like. I have a mars 1600 and thats a bit higher from the tops then the mars 1200 natrually but ive measured it with a Lux meter so it gets the same amont of light more or less. I still having the problem with some plants that where stuned by the light first week n they dosnt seem to grow or at least the grow really slow, has anyone stuned their plants as i? Will they bounce back and How long Will it take if so? Cuz now it feels like its just a waste of nutes, time n space, not so much space i have a big tent so i might just leave them there, just courius if they Will start to grow normally or if they r just fucked. Thanks again for all help onthemooch!
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  10. Give the stunned plants time they should pick up
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    when you have time post pictures so people could see what you have going on. Lower the 1600 to 24" you have it to far from the canopy. What's you ventilation, nutes, temps, medium, strain, light schedule etc... the more information the better answers you'll get. Just take a Bong rip you'll be okay just let them grow.

    Btw: how many plants are you growing? You have enough light your in a 4x8 right? they say 32 watts per cubic foot but 50 is more ideal. they say a 1600 covers a 4.2x4.2 I'm not sure about the 1200 and the Cobbs tho.

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  12. ok guys so i uploaded some pics, the pic with two plants on are from dutch passion and its a cbd compassion auto, all r autos obviously, they have been getting the same amount of light and standing next to each other and as u can see the don't quite look the same but i guess it can differ some even with the same strain but that doesn't change the fact that almost every other plant is really short and lots a veg and close branches, they look like fucking bonsai trees and they r one months old, as i said before i did stunt them so i might have lost a week before they bounced back, some haven't actually but i know why I'm gonna put down some specs for u guys if theres anything of that can contribute to that my plants won't grow vertically as they should instead of looking like bushes so first of the strains, cbd haze, cbd amnesia, cbd go kush (dinaferm), stresskiller(royalqueensseed) fruit punch (heavyweight seeds ) cbd compassion(duch passion) humidity around 60%, tent size 240x120x200, vent one 125mm 310L/H and one 125mm 420L/H, 3 normal fans for air circulation inside the tent and here is something i been thinking about, in my previous grow i used only the roleadro cobs and i kept the fans on the plant so that the plants would get the air directly on them cuz i read that they tend to NOT grow as high cuz of the wind the stems need to grow thicker cuz of the wind that is hitting them and i have the same setup now, i know that its not just the wind thats keeping my plants so short but is this true, should i move my fans so that they don't blow directly at my plants? cuz the last thing they need is to grow thicker i did this in my previous grow cuz they where stretching a bit cuz the lights wasn't strong enough. I'm using coco with perlite, watering everyday with GHE nutes the complete advanced line and I've added kelp and yucca from RAW notes and also twice a week i spray them with nitrozyme from grow technology. lights, one 1600w mars with is supousingly should cover a 4,2x4,2" space but really it doesn't according to my lux meter i get shitty readings on the plants that r on the sides so i would say that it covers more like 4x4" which is the size i have 120cm if I'm not mistaken and even at that size the light drops to much on the sides, don't know why that matters cuz they r growing the same n some plants that r getting less light r actually bigger then the once right under the lamp(not all of them, totally random) so i guess they're getting enough light, and i have another mars hydro 1200W wich doesn't cover what its suppoused to in my opinon, well enough about that, and i have two roleadro 400w wich I'm running at the moment at 300w each, i use these light cuz of the small coverage from the 1200w so i get evenly spread light on the side where the 1600w isn't located, i keep the lights on a 20,5/3,5 schedule , I'm growing 24 plants at the moment, i originally had 26 but 2 didn't germate so its down to 24. i think thats about covers it for know, will bounce the roleadros up to 400w each in late bloom cuz as for now they r getting the same amount of light on the side where i keep the 1200w as the side where i keep the 1600w at 24" distance (i did put 3 feet before but that was after i stunned them so that they would recover i lowered it sense then) so if anyone have any suggestions how to make my ladies grow taller plz do tell, they grow really tall with just the roleadro cobs on my first grow with will suggest that the light spectrum from that light works in a different way, so i was thinking to higher the 1200w and put the cobs on full effect now so they will get more of that light spectrum, what do u guys think about that? also as u probably know they have switches for veg and bloom, i read that u should put both switches on from the beginning but i didn't i waited for 2 weeks, maybe that was a bad idea, I'm thinking about the light spectrum again, what if the light r designed to just run the entire veg period on just the veg mode on so that they will grow taller before switching to full spectrum mode, i mean its kinda late now but as for my next grow do u think i should keep the lights on just the veg mode and maybe they will grow taller before going in to bloom and then flip them to full spectrum? just a thought.

    thanks for any advise its highly appreciated!


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  13. one more thing, i did cut of the top of the tall plants so they split up to two head branches, it might be called super croping or some fancy word but i don't know but y'all get the point...
  14. I'm thinking of buying a new light instead of tempering with the cobs and the 1200w mars, i was thinking about the mars pro 320, has anyone used this light and measured the amount of light on the sides? it might be a different light spread cuz of the setup of this lamp but i don't wanna buy it just to realize the same thing, that it doesn't fully cover 4x4", or any suggestions of a led for a 4x4" space? I've been looking at and there is a lamp called solo series wich combines cree cxa 2540 but on request u can have them change them to cree 3070 and 5w bridgelux and epistar, has anyone used this lamp, the company is called geyapex, the only down side with this lamp is that u need to keep it quite far away that might be a problem if ur having a 200cm tall tent, to solve this problem they created a new light thats called LM-P9 it just came out so I'm probably not so lucky that someone tried this lamp yet, its not even on their homepage yet, but basicly its 9 cobs that pulls 550w from the wall and the chip is called citizen from japan and has a cri of 97 and acording to the manufacture is a better light spectrum then the famous cree cxb3590, does anyone know anything about these lamps? u could have them change the chip for u to the cree3590 for a extra 400 usd but it seems kinda unesesary if the ones put there from the beginning is better. I'm just putting down all in this thread cuz i don't know how this site works so plz don't be mad for me babbling on about different things on the same thred, its not arrogance simply a lack of knowledge where to put it, the different theres seems confusing to me. i can sit for hours comparing different lights and I'm sure some of u guys r the same, I'm afraid I'm not economically independent so i can't spend more then 1000USD on this next led so i haven't been researching the higher end price range of the lede out there, but if anyone have a really good led light that costs more then 1000USD id love to hear all about it, music to my ears, eyes in this case... or can u listen to music with ur eyes? ;)
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    I think you're 100% right about the coverage mars lights put out! What was your Lux meter reading at the sides? Can you take a picture of how you have your lights hanging when there off? I used a 1600 in a 4x4 Growing 4 Femmed multi strain ScrOG and yielded a little over a pound. I had my light a little lower more around 14-16 inches in veg and about 12 inches in bloom.

    You have a lot of plants in a 4x8 24 plants is a bit much even if there autos. But they seem to look healthy maybe you had them stunted for a while. Always keep both switches on for better spectrum and more watts! It fine if your fans are blowing on the plants as it makes the stems stronger. What are your temps with all your lights on? Take a few pictures in natural light no one could see how your plants look under burple light! take a Picture of how you have your lights. I know your going to need to lower your lights more! They should be at the same distance height wise! You have plenty of drainage holes in the bottom of your pots?

    Btw: I would stay away from Alibaba and look at, Cutter or horticultural lighting group.

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  16. Hi Kicka,
    What the hanging distance of the Mars II 1600 when you measure the coverage? thank you point out that.
    The lights are definitely enough for your tent, during the veg, you can only turn the growth switches.
  17. Normally, with LED's it's take a little longer for the stretch and growth in general. Which is why i normally prefer HPS.
  18. Check out pacific light concepts. They're expensive. But some of the best leds out there. If I had 1000 I'd get 2 of their 250s. It'll only cover 1/2 of your space but you have plenty of other light to fill in the spaces till you can get more. And they will outperform anything else out there.
  19. Or go diy. For 1k you can build something that'll cover your space pretty well.

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