Second Grow Update

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  1. Didn't do a journal with this one, to lazy I guess. LOL Anyway here's a pic, I wish I could take closeups, but my camera sucks.
    Good bag seed
    Happy Frog Organic
    Vedged for 4 week in 3" pots
    Moved to 2 gal. went 12 / 12
    15-24-10 no name nutes
    molasses (*** with nutes)
    330 watts CFL
    I did a few things different this grow, better soil, larger container, and I went 12/12 from seed on the last grow. I started with 5 plants and 4 were males, so ended up with just the one plant. Just as well though because of the changes in this grow the I would not have been able to fit a second in my flower room. This plant is 2' tall from the soil and 2 ' wide and deep, has 7 main buds,so we'll see what happens this pic is 7 weeks after germination and 3 weeks into flower.

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  2. looks good, a screen would have helped... and some closeups...

    stop being lazy... a journal would be awesome:wave:
  3. That was as wide as I can go, right now. The problem is that I have a potential good room, it's where my water meter is. I own the house, but my town owns the water meter, they have not, BUT CAN be required to service the meter. I'm sure I could stall them, but it would mean losing a grow. Besides I'm only growing medical for me and a freind. I only need 1 or 2 plants every 8 - 10 weeks.
  4. I think I finally figured out the close up thing on my camera, I really liked the pic with the bud with the pink highlights.

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