Second Grow....... The Return

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  1. Well here goes, after the success of my first grow on with the next, changed now to a four pot system flood and drain, meant to give better results but we shall see

    8 days old, right hand side is all Big Bud, 5 on the left are White Rhino and one is White Widow, I pray your all girlies..................

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  2. i pray they're all girls too... good luck bro
  3. once they older.. u gonna transplant them..
  4. AW FUCK YEAH, man i read all these grow journals and think how cool it would've been to be reading as it happened. well finally i have one. good luck my friend.
  5. Hi mav hows it going.
    would you give us a run down on your room.
    good luck.
    laters jay.
  6. Sure thing Jay, I have 120 watts fluro at the back, 125 watt envirolite blue and a 400 watt Sodium above, worked a treat last time, then I have a fan with a carbon filter mounted in the ceiling to take all the hot air away and a small fan in the door to ensure fresh air in.
    As for trand planting them, no I'm reckoning on at least 1 male per pot and I'm sticking them straight into flower in 3 weeks to keep them small
  7. Main leaves are out now and you can notice the difference daily, slight touch of fert burn on the leaves as I was a bit over eager in adding it to the solution so have backed it off now and the plants have responded well, not able to get my supply of ferts till next week so will just be using up my nuticulture from the last grow, but will continue on with Canna after next week to see if there is any difference.
    Got the dates wrong on my last pic these are now at day 21 from seed

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  8. Nice clean grow! Thats one thing that makes hydro so cool. wheres your rez and how big is it? Do you change your rez every week or so or just top off with ferts? Some micro guys on OG dont even bother to change there rez for the whole grow and they still showed great growth.
  9. I tend to change my reservoir every week, I prefer fresh water and renew my nutes so I know that everything is as it should be although I monitor the pH daily. The plants are stood on the reservoir which holds about 40 litres which is handy as I know I can go away for 2 weeks and not worry about my babies as everything is on timers and automatic.
    Another reason for changing the water is as this is a new setup you get a lot of sediment from the clay balls running down into the res and this is bad for your plants as it could hold all sorts of nasties if left so its good to completely empty it at first and get rid of all the crap. Also I don't have an EC meter at the moment so just rely on my measuring out the correct dosages which is easier with a change of solution.
  10. dont let your journal fall behind, update it! with pics!
  11. thats a prity cool gsetup keep us updated
  12. Well been away with work for over a week and come back to find this, the Big Bud on the right aren't having such a god time of it for some reason so I've now trimmed the dead leaves off and will have to see, the 5 White Rhino and 1 White Widow are doing fine though, only time will tell I guess.

    Day 30

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  13. HIGH All, did you wash the clay balls before useing them? The problem (maybe) could be All the plants are feeding O.F.F.F. the same solution. Some plants will take more ferts than others and some some not as much.

    Nice babies!!!!!!
  14. Looks like a N deffeciency. Or it could be that your water isnt airated enough. Whats you PPM and ph?How many times does the rez cycle per flood? Do you have a vented rez?
  15. Not sure really whats going on with them, yeah I washed the clay balls before I put them in the pots and completely cleaned out the res every 2 days to get rid of any more crap so its running clear now. As for the N thing yeah it certainly looks that way, the res is open at the front and I have an air stone in there as well as a heater so everything should be ok as it only floods once every 3 hours but may cut that back even more, ph is at 5.8 and I don't have anything to measure the ppm accurately but have used a weaker solution up to now so it shouldn't be a problem really. I've moved them around now and they seem to be responding so I think it may be a light issue but I will monitor it closely and let you know
  16. You can also check oyur lines they might be a bit skrewey and not giving enough water to that one pot.
  17. yeah I checked that but every pot floods completely so it seems to be working okay, I did have an envirolite with another reflector on it and i think it was reflecting some light away from one of the pots so I've taken that out now and its looking better. They seem to be responding already, as for the nutrient lockout, I think its my 'No Mercy Carbon Dioxide tablets' that I added to the water as I had this problem with the last grow but not at the early stages so I've stopped using them now to see if they improve
  18. What's the tablets contents? It's good practice to know whats the exact chemichal makup of additives. First so you dont get riped and second so you dont add any toxins. You could use h202 (hydrogen per oxide )if you want extra o2 in the water.
  19. The tablets themselves only contain CO2 and are meant to provide this directly to the roots but have an addition of 1.2%Mg to prevent a shortage due to the massive amount of growth you get from using them................... my arse!!!! they only seem to bring me problems so they won't get used again.
    I have always used hydrogen peroxide for pH down and rate it quite highly as I put a lot of growth from my last one down to using this constantly.
    Plants are responding well with a lot of good clean growth appearing now daily as they have reached that size where they seem to just explode into life. Going to leave them on veg (16/8) for another week and a half then switch to flower, I did a lot longer on veg last time with only two plants and they took over my whole room so as I now have 12 of the little buggers I think I should cut the veg time down a lot more

    Day 33.

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