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    Hey all, first grow is harvested and its nice and dank, 2 puffs and you're gone :) I have 2 questions. 1.) How exactly do you get a plant really bushy? While in veggie , do you cut the branch in some place so that it starts to grow 2 in the same place or something? also with the buds, if u cut a bud-site do 2 come out of there? that's just something i heard somewhere...
    2.) Cloning is my other question. How does it work, do i cut off ANY branch and stick it in the soil and water a lot or what? does the plant have to be in veggie or flower or it doesnt matter? does it become the same as a plant from seed? same strain same format , same yield?? thanks for input guys
  2. Hey bro congrats on the first grow. So, to get the plant to brach you gotta train it to do so. Ways of trainning include: Topping, Lst, SCROG, and more. You should check out the plant trainning section. I dont know as much about cloning and dont wanna give you wrong info but basicallly you take a cutting from the plant, allow it to grow a tap root out, then plant them.

    Do some searching and reading on here all the info you'll ever need to grow a plant is here

  3. Thanks man, ok, thats exactly what i needed someone to point me in the right direction, ill go read up on that stuff thanks :smoke:

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