Second Grow: Genetic Medley

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by DROCK, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. This is technically my second grow but I will be approaching it as my first. I have some incredible seeds from various distributors and I will be detailing my grow room set up, seedling, vegetative and mother plant stages. Following will be taking clones, rooting them and starting up a DWC hydro operation for the cuts I take. Mothers will be grown in soil.

    And now for the starting lineup:

    From DJ Short's/Legends Seeds: Johnny Blaze(Neville's Haze x
    From Dr. Atomic: Thai Lights (Landrace Thai x NL)
    From Chimera: C Plus
    From Dutch Passion: Purple #1

    To start I threw 8 seeds in paper towels, between plates to germinate. One C Plus had a 4 mm taproot in less than 24 hrs. In less than 2 days all but one seed cracked and sent out a tap root.

    It is now day four and Im still waiting on the 8th seed to crack, the Johnny Blaze.

    Now in Rockwool cubes are: (1) Johnny Blaze, (3) Purple #1, (1) Thai, (2) C Plus

    They all are looking pretty healthy I'll try and get some pics up soon. Im at about day 4 total. Any and all help is appreciated. When should I start feeding? Not too soon, but how will i know?

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