Second Grow, First Official Grow. Big Bud, Blueberry.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by llockhart86, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. No prob, Spliff! :) lol llock I wanted to hear how you got busted too, but seems you would rather not talk about it lol I understand. if you want to flower at 12 inches you should try to fit more plants. that's near sea of green height. I will probably switch over to 12/12 at about 8 inches tall for it. I wish I could just start off with clones so I knew I had all females and could flower them no matter their height, but oh well. still thinking about feminized seeds.. the female seeds grapefruit looks so good.. perfect SOG plant with an awesome high

    edit: I forgot to mention that indica dominant and sativa dominant strains won't stretch the same amount during flowering. some pure sativas could triple in size during flowering, and some pure indicas may not even double. I'm just starting flowering right now on 6 plants... was just a test run. 5 bagseed and 1 nirvana PPP. I just tied them all down LST style so I could get light all over them. this is only because I only have 6 and I don't know their sex yet so I'm not sure how many females I'll end up with. in a sea of green you normally just grow lots and lots of plants only flowering 1 main cola. so, it's better to use strains that tend to not branch out very much, but if you have one that does then atleast you can take a bunch of clones ;]

    if you're curious about my setup.. my closet is larger than the actual growing area. I'm only using about half of the closet's length.. the other side has clothes. I have a 400w hps lighting up a 2'x3' area. right now it is packed tight from 6 plants because the pots are big.. around 4 gallon pots I think. I wasn't happy with how slow things were progressing, and how many plants I could fit in the space. so I've already started on getting things together for next grow. going to be using coco coir to grow in (see arseface's grow thread about coco) and flowering in 2 gallon square plastic growbags, so I should be able to squeeze a lot more plants in there and cut the growing time down a lot

  2. wouldn't that leave your clothes smelling dank 24 hours a day?
  3. Sounds like you got your shit all set up. I just wish I was in a damn apartment right now...but i gotta get a job first. ha. Ill keep everyone posted on what I'm doin...thanks for all the help. for real.
  4. lol the plants don't smell too bad right now. I have an air purifier in the bedroom and don't notice them at all. I can smell it if I brush up against them in the closet though. kinda skunky. I hope they don't smell too strong during flowering. but the clothes don't matter. they are old clothes I don't like and don't wear. they are just there... couldn't care less about them. haha.

    I need to try to find an apartment too. I have about a year to look for one

    p.s. I forgot to mention it before, but your signature is sweet. I love quentin tarantino movies.
  5. Thanks. I made it about 2 years ago...or whenever Kill Bill came out...just some photoshop work.

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