Second Grow, First Official Grow. Big Bud, Blueberry.

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  1. Alright. So, my first grow was some bagseed...but, it was going really well. Up until the point where i got busted. Now, Since the first time was going so going to go ahead and invest. My original plan was growing cash crops...just selling all the dope...but instead..ive decided to keep it minimal and for personal smoke only...that still doing it for the fun of it instead of making a job out of it.

    Im going to buy some of Dutch Passion's blueberry and Sensi Seed's Big Bud. I will be mothering one female of each. And I want to take a male of the Big Bud and Crossbreed it with a female of the blueberry.

    I was wondering if anybody had any experience with Big bud or Blueberry. Either Smoked it, seen it, or grown it. How are they?

    Crossbreeding isnt something I'm to familiar with...but im wondering. If I take a male of the big bud, a female of the blue berry...and grow them seperately from the rest of the crop right when the sacks appear on the males...then just let them grow together...will the female get pollinated and sprout seeds? :smoking: And will them seeds be big blueberry:smoking: ??
  2. nobody here has smoked or grown either?
  3. Did you get busted by the cops or.... busted some other way? I only ask because usually after people get arrested for growing herb, they don't grow for a long time for obvious reasons. Anyways...

    The answer to your question is yes, but you should still do some research (on here, and elsewhere) about breeding.
  4. Yeah. I got busted by the cops.

    I guess I just dont get spooked like other people. I mean, I started growing the first time and the risk of getting busted was there...then i got busted...i dont see the difference in starting growing again 2 years later, or 2 days, im a firm believer that you should be able to do absolutely everything you want in long as it doesnt directly affect someone elses life in a negative way....even if it means taking the risks and suffering the consequences when i do get busted.

    I dont know...I kinda feel like im a guy living in a world full of rules that ( mostly ) can be bent without making anybody mad.

    And I thought about it a little bit more ( sorry im talking so much about this, but i just want to get this off my chest ) , you commit a crime, the person who cares for the most part is the one else cares...just the people punishing you....but the people punishing you are only punishing you because they need a job and need money. If our law enforcement wasnt paid...there wouldnt be a law enforcement...and if there wasnt law enforcement...noone would care about anything anybody does...So in essence...the only reason we have laws is so people can get paid. ha

    anyway..fuck cops...
  5. blueberry is great, ive grown it in a greenhouse outdoors, wow what a yield, and such crystally sweet fruity buds.
  6. isnt big bud x blueberry=grandaddy???
    i know grandaddy is big bud crossed with a purple strain, and i think it is blueberry....
    anyway good luck!...

    oh and.. do you think you can share your bust story with me, like what happend and how much trouble you got into to?...just curious
  7. I got a slap on the wrist. They searched my apartment and saw that I had 4 plants growing under 2 flourescent lights. Only problem was, in the little grow was decked out with a bunch of shit to get my growing started up and all...i wasnt that far along either. But they came in, busted me with a nickle bag of some dank in my pocket and the weed plants. Gave me a ticket for the little bag and ripped the plants up and left. It was the D.A's decision.
  8. lol and how did they find out in the first place? hopefully you are correcting the security issue from the first grow... :p

    also if you're growing for personal smoke I'd not go with big bud, supposed to not be very potent, hence why it's a cash crop. big yield, potency not important. and for the blueberry you could find a nicer one for cheaper. spice brothers cindy blues is a cross between a sativa phenotype of dj short's blueberry (very nice and very expensive!) with cinderella 99 (sativa dominant strain, very stable and strong speedy sativa high).. only 30 bucks for a 10 pack at dr chronic's

    of course you can go with whatever you want... you may not care about how much $ you spend, so that's up to you.. just offering some suggestions

    edit: oh and about the crossbreeding.. it will be better to carefully manually pollinate the lower buds. you could still get a lot of seeds this way and the rest of your buds would still be nice and seedless. :]
  9. Ok. So, in order to do the manual polinating, do i have to have the male polinate into a jar or something? Ive heard of bending the plant downwards into a jar of some sort and letting hte pollen fill up in the bottom...then taking a paint brush and painting the buds...and you say bottom buds..which is a good idea. thanks for the heads up on the blueberry too. Id much rather spend 30 bucks on that blue that 144 on the blue i was looking at, however..i want to make sure that the buds are going to be blue. I want to have different color weed...that tastes really good. And from what ive heard, blue berry can be very blue and tastes very good and gets your very high. My only qestion is, with this blueberry that your talking about from dr chronic...growing 9-12 plants under a 400w hps i going to get decent yeild with blue buds? Or am i going to have to run 2 400w lights....
  10. It will be cheaper to get a 1000watt then if you get 2 400watters.
  11. not if you get two $90 400 watters from inside sun..... $180 for 2 of those, or $200 for one 1000w.

    well, there's a lot of blueberry strains, and almost all of them sometimes won't turn colors. a lot of times they require cold temperatures at night to change colors, but not always. there's also a lot of non-blueberry strains that will turn blue.

    the blueberry strains are supposed to have the sweet blueberry scent and everything too though. hmm.. well if you pick the cindy blues I recommended if you germ all 10 seeds I think you'd find atleast 1 or 2 that turn blue... see there's a couple different phenotypes that show up, some are blue and some aren't. this would be the same with the dj shorts version or dutch passion... you wouldn't get all blue. but anyways I'm sure you'd find atleast one, and then you could use that one to take clones from.

    edit: oh and... well it depends how much space you have. if you have a huge space I'd get two 400s, but if its a small space and you are going to do like a sea of green grow (lots of smaller plants) it could be possible to pull an ounce per plant without much veg time before flowering... i'm doing sea of green next grow. I just think it's better for limited space because you get roughly the same total yield by just growing more smaller plants in a faster amount of time.

    for example... say you grew 6 females and let them get a little bigger to get 2 ounces off of each, the veg growth time would be take longer to grow them bigger, and in a shorter amount of time you could grow 12 smaller females and get an ounce per plant and the yield evens out and the whole grow took a shorter amount of time, know what I mean?

    of course if you get caught again then having more plants will mean harsher penalties so you better be damn careful this time lol
  12. I didnt know that the buds didnt turn blue on most plants. Hmm...but hopefully i would be able to just pull clones from one and then have a whole SOG full of blue buds. haha.

    And when you say veg time. I was always under the impression that the whole time, from start till the time you switch the lighting scedule to 12/12, that you were vegging the plant. Im starting to realize thats not the case. When does Vegging happen, is it triggered by light? Or does it mean just keeping it on 18/6 until the right time? Because I would have no idea when to stop vegging it, in relation with how good the bud would be, or how much more yeild you would have according to how much longer you let it veg. Ive heard of 2 week vegging...and 1 month vegging...whats the difference in yeild with a gap like that?

    I appreciate all the help man. Thanks a lot too. Oh, and i think im gunna run with the 1x 1000w lamp. That should cover about 12 plants right?4x3 setup? Could be 5x4 though...depending on the space i might have 20 plants growing. And depending on my setup and how stealthy it is...i might just keep making clones and eventually be growing as many plants as the space can handle...which was by my guess....50 plants. Im excited again. I get gitty just thining about growing this weed.
  13. yeah, it's just how long you keep it on 18/6. the bigger the plant before you put it into flowering, the higher the yield, but if you have a lot of smaller plants for a sea of green set up you won't have to have it on 18/6 as long. see, if you grow them too big in a sea of green then they will overgrow your space and your yield will go down because they're crowding each other so much that they aren't getting enough light.

    for a sea of green from seed... probably 2 weeks veg time on 18/6, and then switch to 12/12 and they'll show sex and start to flower 1-2 weeks later. you could just start seeds on 12/12, but they will take 3-4 weeks before they will be mature enough to actually start flowering, so you might as well go 18/6 atleast the first 2 weeks to make them grow faster since they still have to mature anyways. with clones it's different because you're taking the clones from already mature plants, so you can flower the clones as soon as they have rooted.

    the veg times are all relative though... it's more about the size of the plants. how much light the plants are getting and the medium they're growing in affect how fast they grow... a hydro set up or semi-hydro growing in a soilless mix in pots (rockwool, cococoir, 50/50 perlite/vermiculite, grow rocks, etc.) will usually grow the plants a lot faster than in soil, so the veg times vary. depends on how much the particular strain stretches during flowering too. can't really say the difference in yield exactly because it depends on the strain and how big the plants are rather than how long they've been growing. I dunno, sea of green might not be right for you if you have a lot of space and can grow them big anyways. I just know it's right for me because I just have a small closet to work with
  14. Ok so veggin a plant for 2 weeks is having the plant on 18/6 from the beginning of its life...untill 2 weeks into its life...then flowering it? because I was thinking you had to let it grow for 2 months on 18/6, then flower.
  15. you could, but you'd have gigantic plants. you veg as long as you want depending on how many plants you have and how big you want them to be. flowering usually takes around 8 weeks. for the first 3 weeks or so of flowering the plants will stretch to possibly double the height they were before that. so if you wanted to end up with 4 ft plants, you'd flower at 2ft. all depends on how much space you've got...
  16. Thats awesome...I had no idea. I thought the minimum was 2 months. ahaha. Im happy. So you can actually, start growin your plants and..when it gets to 10 inches in 3 or 4 weeks...start to flower it, and then it will probably grow, thats gunna flower at 1 foot i think then....actually....ill sketch up how im going to have the room look, or my area look...and i want you to tell me what you think of'll probably be sometime later tonight. And i heard you wanna give 1 square foot per plant....true?
  17. yeah 1 ft2 per plant but that's if you want to take the time for them to branch out. Min 3 weeks veg so you can train them to spread out. Also i wouldnt go with the 1000w, it's cheaper and better for the plants if you go with two 400w or two 600w. That way you can put them closer to the plants, because they wont be as hot and you will get better lumens/ft2. And ultimately, the lumens, not the watts, is what matters for dense chrystally buds. Also are you going soil or hyrdo. Any hyrdo system is really good but i would suggest aeroponics. It makes your plants the biggest and it makes them grow the fastest. A DIY aero chamber is really easy to make. i think there are a few how to's. Also i would recommend a CO2 injecting system. It doesnt have to be hi-tec, there are little discs that all you have to do is get wet and they make it. Just trying to add some help, cause if you're growing dank, you might as well get the biggest and best dank for yourself :)
  18. Hell yeah. I know what your saying, only thing probably going to be moving into a one bedroom apartment...and I know that Im going to be using a closet...How big is unknown...but im hoping to be able to grow with that amount of space...for 12-20 sure Ill be able to. However, The closet isnt going to be completely air will be light tight...but im not sure about air tight...and im planning on soil said hi-tech..and im thinkin the plants under lights in the right conditions will grow dank buds...dank enough for some tight personal. Plus, I want to be able to clean it all up fast...just in case...since i got busted...i kinda know what to expect and how much time I would have in an apartment with cops at the door...haha. Thanks for all the help. And i was thinking that 1 1000w lamp wouldnt spread as much light as 2 400s over the whole space....the 1000w would have to be centered...and the outside plants wouldnt get as much light as the ones right under....but 2 400w's will cover all the plants evenly. And who knows, i could have more space than i thought i would have and end up growin more plants...
  19. I'd like to thank TheFxckingHero for his helpful responses not only have they helped you but they have helped me too... Thanks a lot!

    Exactly how did you get busted, if you don't mind sharing?
  20. Eh, me being stupid. My own fault that they came to the door in the first was all just a bunch of mistakes on my part.

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