Second grow, first LST, pictures, THC Bomb

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    At about 5 1/2 weeks under lights.
    I use soil & in a grow box, & I only do one or two plants at a time (one female, one male last time). CFLs.
    I got about an ounce off my first grow. Probably not great but is just for personal use so has done me fine. This time I've tried some low stress training, seems to be working quite well.
    Had some serious heat here when in seedling stage which stunted the plant a little, but has seemed to have recovered.
    Appear to be having PH issues that are not overly effecting plant at the moment (getting runoff readings of 5.9 even though have only been watering with plain water with a PH of about 8.0).
    Might just ignore & start some ferts next water; PH & ferts still confuse me a little. I'm using Advanced Nutrients Jungle Juice with Lucas Formula.
    Anyway just for peoples info. Still don't feel I know much, so hopefully this will be informative anyway.


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  2. Those stems are thick and healthy, nice man!
  3. Harvesting my little bonsai tonight
  4. Cool, I'll have a little look.
  5. Some updated pics. At 6 1/2 weeks now. Looking good. I like this LST business.
    Think I'll go to 8 weeks. Part of me wants to switch now so I don't waste time on a male (since I've only got one plant), but trying to practice patience & slow & steady wins the race etc. Especially since there is still heaps of new growth happening within the nodes, thickening the plant up.
    Looks very different from my last plant of the same strain, so I was worried it may have been a male, but came across someone else having the same occurance, & people said it was probably different "phenotypes". I hope so.

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  6. Lookin good mate, it's fun tying n bendin these plants for sure lol, I'm also growin thc bomb right now but indoor scrog have jus hit about 2 weeks of 12/12, it's in my sig if ya fancy a look.
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    Cheers for the look, yeah I started following yours this morning. :metal: Looking bloody good.
  8. Keep it up your doing good.
  9. You need a bigger container.
  10. Thanks for the replies & input. I've contemplated the pot size myself but just let it slide. I'll definitely up the size for next time, but do you think I should transplant now or just let this one go?
  11. Thanks man, yea I'm defo loving this strain, seems a very straight forward grower. Thanks fer following I have subbed to urs aswel so keep them updates cumin lol.

    As for the pot size, yes I would defo transplant this grow, stick em in a five gallon and let them roots spread out, will make all the difference mate.
  12. Yes - transplant now but try not to disturb the root ball. If it is root bound and they are circling the pot you may need to tease them out a little.
  13. Transplanted this evening to a larger pot. Will update how it goes in a few days. :)
  14. Just an update. Will be 8 weeks in veg in 5 days. Have decided to slowly pull into 12/12 by switching an hour each day so at 16/8 at the moment. By the time I hit 12/12 will have veged for a full 8 weeks.
    God I hope it's a female (maybe when doing one a plant at a time it is worth using fem seeds)!
    Amped up the ferts since transfering to new pot & mixed in some garden lime to help with PH (6.4 at the moment).

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  15. Lookin good mate, yea fem seeds is a good ideas when just growing one fer sure,I have my fingers firmly xd for ya.
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    And we have lift off. First sign of pistils came up over night (4 days since 12/12) so a female. Whoopie.
    Is getting some serious growth over last period too. There are 6 large branches of around 370mm plus the LST'd main stem which they come off (plus a few smaller ones)
    I probably have enough room in my box for double that growth so I may be in trouble there. Oh well may force me to get a second flower box/tent if it goes nuts.

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  17. Hi mate, excellent news and from the pics I can definitely confirm ur r the proud farther to a bouncing baby girl lol. These thc bomb are a very stretchy plant indeed, as I have recently found out the hard way lol so I would advise you start making plans for that larger tent mate.

    Plants are looking great tho rev keep up the good work.
  18. Thanks mate, yes I think I'll be upgrading soon.

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    Pic update (9 days flower)
  20. Looking good. You should transplant to a larger container. I start in a party cup then move to a 3 gallon GeoPots for veg then transplant to a seven gallon if flowering. It works well and I get good results. Also no need to slowing switch to flower they do fine just switching from veg to flower. Plants look good. Looking forward to growing this strain outdoors this year.

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