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  1. Looking for any advice and tips and to share about my second attempt. This is a bagseed grow, just to hopefully get my bearings and then get some good seeds. Its a few weeks in now. It is a closet with a 400watt MH. 5 plants now in rockwool originally planted in peat pellets. There are two humidifiers to try and keep humidity up its between 40 and 50 usually now. The plants are recovering a little from me being away and them not receiving enough humidity i believe. The homemade ebb and flow system kept them watered, but they appear dried out. I believe this is an air cooled hood. Ill include a picture of the 4" vents on the hood, one on each end, but there is no cover on the bottom of the light. There is a slot in the hood where a bottom cover could slide in and be held. I want to do this to improve exhaust and not remove humidity from the room as I do now. The room has been a little warm, upto 86F. Can I use plexi glass for a light cover and setup exhaust and intake for the light? Is there anything else I should be doing with these plants? 18 hours of light a day, I keep them watered well, any tips would be appreciated.

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  2. A couple of my plants seem to keep having trouble with yellowing and curling of leaves. My temp is around 78-80. Humidity around 45% and they are kept well watered. What causes this. I have included a photo of one of them. Please help.

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  3. Most likely your pH is too high.
  4. im not sure but i dont think it is the ph i think you are over feeding them have you got a nutrient meter but get another opinion im no expert just read alot
  5. you might be over watering and you really should check your PH. both things do it.
  6. Its a nitrogen deficiency, do you use nutes? That or your pH is too high, causing chlorosis, which stunts the absorption of nitrogen into the plant.
  7. I am using a Miracle Grow 8-7-6 liquid fertilizer. And I am using Super Thrive. I will have to get a ph meter to test all this out. And a nutrient meter as well. I do see that overwatering may be a problem. I just ordered an ebb and flow fitting kit because my tray does not drain as well as it should with my current setup.
    Thanks I will keep everyone posted with this thread.
  8. It was high ph. I got a ph test kit like for aquariums and confirmed that. My plants are doing much better now and I think are a little over a month old. I am wondering AM I READY TO CLONE? I want to clone these, bud them and then kill off males and their clones so that I will bud soon, but still have more known female clones on the way after. Please let me know if I should clone these now, and how soon I should start budding. Any help would be appreciated. Also, what are these things growing at each leaflet off the stem?

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  9. I know I haven't updated in forever. Things are going good for the most part, four plants look great, pictured below. The fifth however is having some problems, it is in the same ebb and flow system, receiving the same nutes, light and humidity, but it has drying brown curling of leaves and discoloration around their edges. Please let me know if I can save this. Thanks.

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  10. not all plants take the same stats. Sometimes the genetics requires different ph/ppm

    not every plant is perfect and thats the issue when you grow in buckets or eb and flow. If it were pots you can do something but for now you really cant since its all in the same rig.

    what are your levels at by the way? Maybe the others will follow if your not watching your stuff.
  11. In regards to cloning, yes, cloning is possible whenever the plant as a whole will survive after losing that leaf. You could technically clone a plant that is at the 4th node of growth and keep both plant and clone alive and well. For your plant that is having trouble, MjBoy covered the jist of it.
  12. I have done some cloning on these, I think I will try to keep the problem one well watered and just watch it and hope it comes back. Its clones are doing well, I just hope the clone the remaining three I have yet to and then bud. Ill keep you all posted.

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