Second Grow! 5 Strains!

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  1. High all!

    Ya'll may have seen my first grow if you ever took a stroll through the Absolute Beginner's section last November/December.
    'Twas a bit pathetic, and more of an experiment. (bagseed, cfl's, closet grow, eheheh :rolleyes:)
    This time around I'm taking it more seriously! And I no longer consider myself an absolute beginner, I'm an amateur :cool: ;)
    I have 5 legitimate strains.
    Here they are and how I will refer to them in future posts
    -Sour Cheese (SC)
    -White Rhino x ??? (WR)
    -Granddaddy Purps (GDP)
    -Blueberry Kush (BBK)
    -Purple Erkle x Trainwreck x Diesel (PE/T/D???) haha

    All we're gifts from fellow caretakers! And all were clones except for the BBK, which was from seed. I'm borrowing a friend's aeroponic cloning machine to root my clones. I've had the plants in soil for almost 3 weeks now! I topped all of them except for the GDP, which is barely holding onto life ): She's the last living GDP too! I'm trying really hard to hold onto her. Every single clone was flowering when I received them :mad: But since then they have (for the most part) reverted back to veg under 24/0 and I've been picking all the little buds/pistils off as the appear. I also topped the 4 decent sized plants last week!


    -I am using my cfl's from the last grow. About 200w total, and a mix of spectrums.
    -I have them vegging in 6" pots and was planning on transferring 3 of them to 15" pots tonight after our company leaves -_-
    -I keep a constant fan on them 24/7
    -I'm using my old Jack's Classic 20-20-20 from my last grow at like 10% strength till my fox farms nutes come in the mail.
    -The soil is just some soil a fellow caretaker uses. He said it's "some good shit". He grows with the same soil and has incredible results so I'll take his word for it.
    -The PE/TW/D came in "an organic soil-less mix" that a different caretaker friend gave it to me in :confused: :rolleyes:
    -I also have a 1000W hps coming in the mail for flowering, and a 400w to replace the CFL's with for the rest of veg.
    -I'm going to order a 6'x4'x6' tent for flowering as soon as I get the $$$ :rolleyes:

    All the plants are currently under 24/0 in my "blanket over basket" homemade veg tent with a mirror over the light haha.

    But enough talk! Time for pictures!

    The Sour Cheese's (Transplanting the one on the left tonight)

    White Rhino

    Purple Erkle x Trainwreck x Deisel

    The sad little GDP ):
    For some strange reason the GDP mother plant my buddy had - healthy as all hell might I add! - Had a very strange trait. Each leaf set, and I mean every one! Has only 3 blades. Weird! Every clone taken off of her do the same. I don't know what to think of it haha :confused:

    And only about a week old, the blueberry. (also transplanting tonight)

    Aero cloner!

    Family photo!!! :D

    Uploaded with

    PS - I will update this thread every 3-5 days (hopefully) all the way through till harvest! Stay tuned!
    I'm excited to see how the Purp Erk/TW/Deez comes out, thats an interesting strain ;)

    Any comments? Questions? Suggestions? :smoke:
  2. Actually I have a question :p

    How do I get my nodes to be less tight? You can see a lot of node bunching in the pictures. Especially the last one of the side view. I didn't have that problem last time?

    AND, does anyone else have the same strains going? How are they doing? What do they prefer? Are they picky? haha
  3. [​IMG]

    Bigger pots!

    Started building a cabinet to accommodate the more space needed
  4. you make a wonderful use of space. i was needing to move my grow to a larger area you gaveme a perfect idea.

  5. haha I literally have them between a laundry basket and a bookshelf with a milk crate on top. I'm building a plywood cabinet in a spare bedroom in my house. Theres nothing in that room but junk, and it's unfinished, so I'm using it as my grow room.
  6. Started setting up my grow room! Just ordered a 400w HPS - finally out with the CFL's :devious: haha actually I might keep them around for the extra watts/spectrum. The cabinet is not done yet but the plants are in the grow room (yes the walls are covered in graffiti haha). I had to get them out of my bedroom.
    Knocked over the poor BBK today, I hope she's okay :eek:



    Uploaded with
  7. I have a question!!! My HPS and ballast came in the mail today! It came with both a HPS bulb and a MH bulb, each 400w. Which bulb should I use for the rest of veg? The hps (more yellow) or the MH (more blue)?

    I'll post pics later tonight, I got them all in the big pots now
  8. Well do you have a switchable ballast? If you do use the MH for the rest of veg.
    You technically could use the HPS but blue light promotes upward growth more.
    I'll be subbed in here brotha! hahaha
    Also I see you produce music. I dabble im still trying to get it down, nothing im too proud of yet ill pm you the link. :D
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  10. I can use either bulb in my ballast. Thanks homie, I will be using the MH for the rest of veg, and sounds good!
    I'll check you out right now(;
  11. They love the new light! 400w MH bulb, and I kept my cfl's in there (about 200w total)

    They've grown alot!

  12. They're lookin good, and happy under that MH. Stay up man!
  13. Today I got my nutes and went to feed them for the first time, and my Purple Erk/TW/Diesel looks awful :O All the leaf tips are burnt to a crisp and orange/yellow ):
    Idk what happened, it could be shock from transplanting it from a soil-less mix to soil :confused: I just hope shes okay ):
    But yeah fed them 20-20-20 fertilizer at a little over half strength today. I'll see how they take it in.
    Other than the PE/TW/D, all my plants are looking beautiful and healthy!
  14. I like to ease my nutes in 1/4th at a time. Did you spray them with the light on?

  15. That would make sense.
    I haven't been misting them cuz my spray bottle broke :O

    Heres a pic, the babies are doin well!

    And a fisheye shot for the fack of it :p
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    High guys!!! Happy 4/20 everybody! Threw together a really choppy gif of the plants :3


    They just wanted to say happy holidays!
  17. Hi everybody! Today I gave them a serious pruning, and fed them for the 3rd(?) time now. They are all happy and healthy. I almost finished paneling my grow cabinet in. I got every plant except for the BBK in a big pot now. I topped/fimmed most of the plant's higher points again a few days ago (about 7 or 8 snips total). I also did some shitty LST on the Purple Erk/TW/D yesterday because its way too tall and lanky compared to the rest, too much vertical growth.. Heres some pictures after pruning, you should have seen them before!


    LST on the Urkle cross

    And heres a beautiful canopy top shot :smoke:

    The pictures don't do them justice! They're all going on 12-18 inches in height. Very bushy because of the training I've done. The stems are also on some tree truck status :devious:

    My leaves are a very dark green. A little too dark. They look relatively normal in the photographs because of the crazy lighting, but in person you can see it.. Is this anything to worry about? Maybe a nitrogen over-abundance?
  18. And I'm going to start calling my Purple Erkle x Trainwreck x Diesel Alpha Wreck.
    Because PU x Diesel = Alpha Diesel.
    And PU x TW = Purple Wreck.
    So ADxPW=AW! :D
  19. When should I flip to 12/12? Should I even bother with 18/6 this time? My buddy who gave me the clones said I should start flowering real fuckin soon... But idk I want them to get bigger. I'll post pics later on today or tomorrow.
  20. Yeah if I were you id do it soon. Remember your plant will still grow in flower. So even if you switch they'll get bigger until buds start to form.

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