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Second edible experience.

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Iceman420, May 15, 2011.

  1. I ate one pot brownie around a year ago, and I got really f-ed up.
    I made a firecrack(props to the author of "how to make a firecracker" thread), maybe put around .3-.5 grams in it. It looked really brownish after I baked it for around 23 minutes. Anyways I just ate it, and it tasted not that great. Tasted like burnt penut butter a bit, and smoked pot. Anyways expect for updates


    Ate the firecracker


    I know it's been like 7 minutes, but im feeling a bit weak in the legs.

  2. dudee i just ate my cracker about the same time.

    It takes like a hour to kick in, and the effects are amazing if you used some potent stuff. :smoke:

  3. naw, i had some shit weed. my town is in a drought at the moment. yea,idk, we'll see what happens.

  4. that sucks, but at least your getting more THC out of it than smoking.

    I made some crackers on tuesday, using some mids. The high was decent. My body felt light, and my eyes were low and red as fuck. :cool:

  5. yea...I might feel it coming now, its 6:45 atm. I feel a bit really lightheaded, my legs a bit buzzed and feeling a bit weak. Idk maybe this high is just slowly coming up.
  6. Reggie can take up to 2hrs.

    I reccomend no less than 1g per FC. I usually dose with 2gs.

  7. really? Idk its been an hour since I ate it, im feeling something. my forehead is feeling funny, like warm pressure. my head is getting a bit heavy now, its hard for me to like think haha. holy shit

  8. i use half a gram on mines.

    I can't smoke that much anymore, since my brother got caught and now my parents are sketchy about everything now.

    But since i cook my own food, i can use the oven and makes my own shit. But today was good, they werent even home.

    Oh and, now my eyes are super red, and my pupils' is hugeeeeeeeeee

    i feel a little buzz, starting to come at me. Hope i wont have to eat another crackers to get higher - only one i got left and its for tomorrow.
  9. So.... I have half a "really strong" (so says the person from whom I got it) ganja cookie... I am a fairly small girl 5'4", 20 yrs, average weight...

    Can anyone guess how long should I wait for this to kick in?

  10. Depends on your metabolism. Have you eaten anything lately or empty stomach?
  11. Hmm... I'll make sure I have an empty stomach. My blood pressure is always really low; does that help with guessing my metabolism? I guess to be safe we'll say my metabolism is slow. sllooooww...


  12. 20, sure yea :)

    i would eat half, if its "super potent"

    then after a hour, if u need to feel more, eat the other half.

    empty stomach is fine, the munchies will kick it to fix that

    im high as fuck right now
  13. Did you die?

  14. lol no. So i actually started to feel it when i posted my last post, and omg was i blown. It was really strong and i didnt even put much in. Then i went outside and smoked, holy shit i was blown. i cant even remember much from last night
  15. i jus ate 2 firecrackers ;)

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