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Second doubts on getting my card...

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Hobbsicle, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. So this saturday I'm supposed to go with my best friend and get our cards together (sense he just turned 18). I dunno if I want to go thru with it tho, I Don't want someone down the road digging up some files or some shit and finding I got a card. Mabye im just being paranoid. What do you guys think? :confused:
  2. If on file there is a legitimate reason for why you're getting your card, then what's the problem?
  3. if you are worried about it, dont get it. i'm sure you wont have any problem getting weed even without it.

  4. Discrimination :(
  5. As long as you are staying within reasonable limits, you shouldn't have a problem. You might think long and hard about your upcoming discussion with your DR. i don't worry about it. If the Feds want to bust a registered MMJ user/grower over single digit plant counts, I think I'll end up with a decent chunk of change from the lawsuit that would be filed. Let's see, I can go after them in court or in public opinion. I doubt they would find too much support if you have a legitimate medical reason for using cannabis.
  6. I know what he means, My friend was a bartender at a gay bar and no one will hire him cause he has that on his resume and think hes a flaming homo or something even though hes not gay
  7. It's confidential with your doctor and suppliers. Stop worrying and be happy that you're in a state with medical cannabis.
  8. If I could get a medical mj card in my state I would wear it around my neck, whats the problem?
  9. I pretty much have done the same thing. I have let my family and friends know that I'm an MMJ patient and had my grow room inspected by a police officer that assured me I was complying with state law. I have posted all over Facebook(and, yes, I know that potential employers as well as acquaintences look at Facebook. That's ok. I'm not ashamed. Fortunately my bosses agree with me, so I'm going balls to the wall as far as informing family and friends of the positive aspects of taking cannabis.
  10. If you pay cash, there is no record except what is in the doctor's files. Short of a court order, they are just between you and the doc! The recommendation that he gives you is ALL you need to be "medically legal".

    And to be honest, you are likely too "small potatoes" to bother with! There are thousands of medical users in California alone! Unless you want a job with the FBI or something, no one will ever know!

    The "county card" is OPTIONAL, as well as being where I would expect any "leaks" to happen. Unless you are a "cop magnet", they usually are not worth the hassle and expense of getting one. I don't have one.

    Of course, if all of you VOTE YES ON PROP. 19 this fall, you can skip all the doctor's visits from then on! You'll be able to grow your own 5 x 5 patch, have an ounce in your pocket and not have to pay for the "privilege"! Cannabis prices will begin to fall with the first post-19 harvest. Drug testing will become much rarer. It will be normally reserved for certain jobs (bus drivers, pilots, etc), in cases of accidents, or where the management is still stuck in the 1950s. It makes no sense for businesses continue to test for a legal substance- it's a needless expense during tight times.

    Downside of Prop. 19 - they will slam you if you use with minors present, sell to minors, or worst of all, sell without paying the taxes.

    Dispensaries will take a double hit- a lot of folks will opt to grow, and the falling prices and heavy taxes will hurt them badly. But they'll sell more seeds and clones and the best places will survive.

    The "pot docs" will also lose a lot of business, but will continue to get by, by recommending the larger amounts to be possessed and grown by the more seriously ill (those who wish to make Simpson Oil, etc).

    So 19's not perfect, but it's a better situation for most of us than we have now! We can work on the details in 2012. :)

    Granny :wave:

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