second day of flowering and i got problems

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  1. Okay so i'm on day 31 of my grow, and up until this week all has been going great. Unfortunately, i seem to be running into some road blocks.

    first question: i started 12/12 two days ago keeping the lights off from 10:30 pm to 10:30 am. The timer i got though i just found out is a complete piece and hasn't been working too well. My girlfriend left for work at 1 pm and the lights were on, i got home at 2:30 pm and they were off. Even though they were supposed to be on. Will that time (1.5 hours tops) of extra dark be a problem?

    my second question is, what the hell is happening to my leaves?!?! i haven't used any nutes yet and i'm using fox farm ocean forrest but i keep having leaves dying. you can see them in the pictures. Also, on my plant A, the bottom leaves have been dying. The very bottom two died and i thought it was because of lack of light, but i moved the light so they were getting hit and now two more are dying.

    Everyone with an opinion...please please please give me your input

    the first picture is my grow, picture two and three are from the plant on the left, the fourth is of the plant on the right.

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  2. the very bottom leaves dying could be normal. i think this happens almost to every plant. happened to mine. i just picked them off..
    also your should get some reflectors for thows lights.. you can make then out of a soda can..light that is not being directed at the plant is a waste of light
  3. they don't look too bad. bottom leaves always yellow and die off. if all of them start to do that or more often, then something is wrong with them.

    HAPPY GROWING! :smoke:
  4. okay cool glad to know that the bottom ones dying isn't bad. but what about the other leaves that look like they're dying? They're close to the bottom but still are like 3 nodes from the bottom up.

    and the hour of darkness today? is that bad?
  5. the problem you had with the lights won't affect your plants unless it continues to happen. just fix them and you'll be good.
  6. They don't really die off till the end of flowering because u don't feed them
    Much nitrogen during flower. It may be a problem if they have only been into flower or 2 days. What r u feeding them.
  7. i haven't given them any nutes yet. i have dyno-grow liquid bloom though which i've been planning on using once all is well, it's 3-12-6
  8. That is y they are doing that. The nitrogen keeps them nice an green looking. I would get something with more nitrogen like a veg nuit. 5 is not that much
  9. Just keep in mind that too much nitrogen during flower will slow bud production. They only need enough to facilitate photosynthesis. Concern is not for lush vegetive growth be more concerned with bud production. At this point the plant will be looking for potash and calcium, excess nitrogen will lock these two nutrients out.

    The liquid bloom is a good way to go. Start with a half dose and give it a day to respond.
  10. Duh but there has been no feeding so unless u have some of the best soil u can buy I am sure they can use some N
  11. okay so i just watered one plant with liquid bloom so we'll so how that works out, the other i just watered regularly so we'll see how she reacts to the nutes compared to no nutes. i also cut off all the dead leaves so hopefully things start turning around
  12. oh and i have fox farm ocean forrest so i think my N is pretty good. I tested the N-P-K and they're all pretty sufficient. Surplus actually. The N and K were extremely high but the P was lower. Think that's why i'm having leaves die?
  13. That would effect the whole plant can't tell from the pics but nitrogen deff usually starts at the bottom from my experience

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