Second attempt - Bubblelicious (Nirvana)

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  1. Hello everyone!

    This is my second attempt after my previous and first grow caught the wrath of my cat. I ordered 5 feminized Bubblelicious seeds and will be growing them under a 600w HID. I am going to use Jacks fertilizer for veg(10-10-10) and Jacks Bloom for flower (10-30-20). The medium will be coco-coir in 3 gal buckets. They will grow under a 24/0 schedule for veg and 12/12 for flower.

    This time around I kind of know what works and what doesn't. I feel way more comfortable and confident that this will turn out to be an amazing grow.

    Before I start this journal I want to plug Nirvana for their amazing, amazing customer service. I am without a doubt more satisfied with their customer service than I am with any other company in any other facet of the retail universe. I had an issue with shipping and they took care of it and took care of me. If you are in doubt about which company to go with on your seed search - take it from me and choose Nirvana. You will be pleased!
  2. Hello Jesstany,

    Sub'd bro. Your going to do great. I've ordered from Nirvana twice and Herbies once. All arrived fine, but Nirvana was more stealth. I also like their customer service. Very happy experience. I'll def order from them again. Can't wait to see how the bubbleicious turns out.
  3. Hey man i'm in for the win!
    I'm just putting my 2nd grow in and it sounds like your at the same sort of experience level as me. will b good to see how each one develops.

    Best of luck:yummy:
  4. Subbed.

    I can also vouch for Nirvana customer service. I had 1 small order from them that got confiscated by customs, so they sent me my entire order again. Part of that order was confiscated, so they sent me the product for a third time. Very nice.
  5. tastebud

    Thanks dude. I can't wait either. Hey what Perlite/Coco ratio are you going to use? what worked best for you? I had a 70% Coco, 25% Perlite and 5% Worm castings and it did not work. Not enough drainage. I'm using Zoo Med coco and organic Perlite/Worm castings.


    Absolutely! post lots of pics. What strain did you go with?


    Sounds like Nirvana to me. Such a great company.
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    So the order status just changed to "Ready to be shipped". I am excited to get the beans.

    I have two questions for you guys.

    1.) I have a 600w m/h - hps set up. I plan on vegging with the m/h bulb for 4-6 weeks. The question is... Will there be any benefit to adding some lower spectrum light to the veg cycle. I see[ame=""] these CFL lights on amazon[/ame] that are pretty well priced and I'm wondering if it will give me better results in veg if I add two or three of these to my grow?

    2.) I don't have a germination kit so I was planning on germinating via the paper towel method then going directly into the 3 gal bucket. Is there a reason why doing this will be bad? What are some reasons to use the germination stations with heat pads? Is it worth the investment?
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    I think CFL's are always a "might as well" sort of thing as long as you're not running too hot already. I don't know a lot about MH, but I think it would be right spectrum for vegetative, regardless of CFL's. The CFL's just add a bit extra wattage and extra light = extra plant.

    I don't think there is really any reason it would be bad to start out in a 3 gallon. It's a little trickier to water as a sprout, but it will grow just fine. I personally like planting in something like a cup for the first couple weeks, easier IMO.

    Also, those would be great CFL's for adding light during flowering. You would want the 6500k spectrum version of that CFL for vegetative or clones.
    Most importantly, make sure they are actual Feliz brand name.
  8. With a 600w HID u won't need the extra lights during veg. However you can buy the bulb n use it to bring more lights under the canopy to fatten up those popcorn buds during flowering.

    3gallon starter pot is fine. You'll water less though n you won't need to worry about transplanting later.
  9. Thanks for the input guys! :smoke:
  10. [quote name='"RJ42"']Subbed.

    I can also vouch for Nirvana customer service. I had 1 small order from them that got confiscated by customs, so they sent me my entire order again. Part of that order was confiscated, so they sent me the product for a third time. Very nice.[/quote]

    Wow that's service
  11. The status on the seeds changed this morning to shipped. So we're looking at possibly a mid week arrival?

    The prep work begins!

    Today we are going to:

    1. Clean and sanitize the entire room we're growing in. (we got the carpet in the room steam cleaned professionally this morning)

    2. Put the Eclipse shades back up on the windows.

    3. Connect and test all the equipment (ballast w/ both bulbs, timer, the chains that hold the hood up, fire extinguisher...etc..)

    4. Wait patiently. :cool:


    We have 20 x 1 gallons of distilled water right now. We plan on getting another 30 tonight form the supermarket. @ 70 cents a piece we might as well stock up.

    Hurry up and get here! :(
  12. I would guess late next week or early next.

    I would expect it the beginning of the following week. Smoke plenty of weed during the wait!

    Good luck I'll follow as long as you kick ass this time around!
  13. The seeds just got in today. I am going to put them in the paper towel tonight. I am so stoked!
  14. Right on the money. +rep
  15. I just began the germination process. I took 3 pieces of standard table top paper towel and folded it in half. I then moistened the paper lightly and put the 5 bubblelicious seeds on the paper about 3 inches apart.

    I also put in a seed I've been saving from a really dank bag of the deepest purple buds I've ever seen...they were literally almost black. I lucked out and had 1 seed in a bag I picked up a few weeks ago.

  16. Awesome! Lets hope that bag seed germs and grows up a woman!!
  17. So here are the first pics. All 5 seeds germinated in about 3 days and within 2 days they were all sprouted. They have been above ground for 3 days.


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    They all look healthy enough to me! keep up the good work :smoke:

    Wait a minute... theres only 5.... no sign of your purp?

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