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seaweed extract and flowering ...

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by budblower10, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. hey fellas. im just wondering if this seaweed extract can be used for any benefical reason during flowering? i heard its good during stressful times, but what about during flowering? im nuting once a week with big bloom foxfar - does that seem alright? how often do u guys fert during flowering...especially with organics? can the seaweed over-nute the plants? thanks for all the help
  2. I would think that your fox farms ferts should have you sufficiently covered, but I don't think the seaweed extract could hurt. I'm pretty sure its typically a flowering fert, with a low N and a high P K. Can someone else confirm this?
  3. I always thought seaweed extract was more micro nutes oriented and not that strong in the NPK??? but don't quote me, im just guessing.. read the label on the seaweed?

    I would use it.. like tmarin said, I don't think it will hurt
  4. Yeah maybe you're right I just found some and it said 0-1-1 and rich in micronutes
  5. It depends on the brand of seaweed. I use Maxicrop and it's 0.1-0.0-1.0 So I definitely wouldn't consider it a flowering fert, but the levels are so low that you could still feed the plant with it for a while anyway. FF Big Bloom is more of a finishing food, I'd recommend Tiger Bloom until the buds are getting close and then switch to Big Bloom. You can also feed Big Bloom at the same time as the Tiger Bloom and then just cut out the Tiger Bloom 3-4 weeks before harvest and don't feed them anything the last week or so.
  6. Last week or so? I use organic ferts and I like to flush atleast 2-3 weeks before harvest.. and make sure to clean and fully flush out your watering container.. I hate the idea of harvesting and smoking fert filled buds

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