Seattle Stoners Head Count

Discussion in 'General' started by StraightTrippin, May 17, 2004.

  1. Hmmm...Seattle seems to be well represented here on Grasscity...I was reading the other threads and noticed how many people are in the area....

    I'm in the first hill area...where's all the other Seattle Stoner's From?
  2. hey, i'm in downtown... across from the Sam.
  3. Damn, I've been to seattle a few times on vacation, and i hear they got some dank up there.

    I'm from the Eastern of the states and its pretty differant over hear.

  4. we got all kinds of good weed here

    im about 30 minutes from downtown, in seatac/burien
  5. add a few to the final number for the ppl who grow and dont reveal where they live. but im in texas why am i posting? niether am i.
  6. you guys better have went to the donnie darko screening in seattle. i think it was on the 29th.

    i am a bit buzzed so.. yeah
  7. 30 or so minutes outside seattle ...
  8. n. tacoma here.
  9. fuck yes finally a whos in Seattle thread.

    Well I'm in Edmonds--which is only like 15-20min up north from Seattle--I go down to Seattle all the time.

  10. damn, with all the seattle heads, we need to have a get-together!

    i say we all meet up ay hempfest in august!

    BUT, plan it all on AIM and in PMs so we dont risk anything

    wat do you all think?
  11. I live in down the street from the University Of Washington.
  12. I live 2 hours away in Vancouver.

  13. hell yeah I'm down. I went to hempfest last year it was great.. everyone was down on the beach smoking :D
  14. im in :D ...what days is hempfest the 16th of august right?

  15. saw that movie about a year or so ago. totally hooked, have seen it about 10 times. Didn't even know the directors cut was coming out since i haven't been paying attention to all the SIFF info thats been everywhere. lol.
  16. I live in Burien, lot of Seattle people here...

  17. it was a director's cut. it is suposed to come out in july for mass-release. hopefully it is playing at my local theater.
  18. i just saw donnie darko a couple hours ago, and man, wat a mind boggler...its crazy..a must see for mushroom people
  19. i think i'm gonna smoke, watch half of lotr: rotk, smoke some more, watch the other half, and if i'm up for it, smoke again and watch donnie darko.

    but rotk is a good 3 hours so i'll have to save dd for another day.
  20. mercer island Biatch!!

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