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Seattle prices

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TomoDaK, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. So I'm heading over to Seattle pretty soon to visit a buddy (he doesn't smoke) who I haven't seen in ages and I was curious as to what prices are like over there. I'm from Minnesota so I'm sure all the bud will seem pretty nice to me, but I'd probably like to get the nicer stuff. If you could give me prices for good, pretty good, and top qual Seattle bud that'd be lovely :)
  2. Im from the seattle area, but the dude i get my stuff from doesnt operate like the average dealer. He has the same price for everything, it just matters what he has at the time. Sorry for not bein much help.

    If its any consolation, its very rare you run into shwag around here. :)
  3. Yeaa I'm from Seattle livin there right now am very high. But yea here's the prices

    eigth-40 to 50 (could be higher if it's fire fire)

    quarter-70 to 90

    half-110 to 150

    ounce-210 to sometimes around 300

    Hit me up mayne Seattle's the shit hempfest n bumbpershoot are comin soon...Wu tang will be there.
  4. youll find some fire down here.
  5. i live in seattle and i usually trade a quarter of locally grown chronic for 65..

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