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Seattle Med's (HQ)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by highscores, May 5, 2011.

  1. Just recently got me recommendation in WA state and Im loving. There are some real legit dispensaries in this area, you just have to look around. Take a look at these...

    BUBBA KUSH, $10G, $130 1/2


    GOD BUD $8/G, $230 OZ


    TRAINWRECK $12/g


    DUTCH TREAT $10/g





    Uploaded with
  2. Nice looking buds!

    Isn't it nice having good meds?
  3. :smoke: helllllllll yea
  4. Nice, some good strains, love the flavor, havn't had pineapple express yet or the buddha. But looks way fresh if its still that fluffy :smoke: Wish maryland had dispensaries.
  5. Seattle dispensaries are the shit, id suggest checking out "the green door" their medicine selection is bomb. And they got a cute little Asian chick as their budtender.
  6. What dispensaries have you tried so far? There are soooo many! I've heard the farmer's market is really good but haven't been yet.
  7. I cry a little when i see the prices you pay for some flame, fuck this 20 per g :(
  8. I've been to A Green Cure, Hollistic Wellness Center, Emerald City CC, Urban Grow, and a few more. A Green Cures the best so far, all buds grown to perfection AND they give you jars with orders.

    20 a gram? damn id move lol or at least grow, $12 a gram is about my limit.

    Im planning to check out the seattle farmers market on the 15th, ive heard good things.

    I heard the green door turned shitty after the raids, whens the last time you went? someone told me they only have like 5 strains now
  9. #9 Kroptonik, May 5, 2011
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    I'm totally hitting up the farmers market on the 15th in Seattle. You should go too if ya got the time.
  10. I went yesterday. They had plenty to choose from. At least 10+ strains when I was there
  11. have you gone before? is it just a bunch of dispensaries meeting together to sell their products? are the prices any cheaper than normal? and info would be cool thanks
  12. $12 a g is your limit, that'd get you some mids here. or just laughed at lol

    but that's some dank, I'm envious as all get out, dude. Living in a city I love smoking ganj I dream about. props.
  13. As dank as all your bud looks... No bud really looks the same since I just looked at the Nightmare Kush thread...
    Don't get me wrong though.. Looks like you've got some super dankles :D I especially like that hairy little nuglet of Jack the Ripper
  14. nice pick up

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