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    These guys are based out of Seattle, WA. With Prop 502 being passed this last month I figured I would give them a try. Ended up with some sort of weird ass bud with NO THC…. I donated 80 for a quarter and even tipped the driver $6. 
    The bud looked amazing in the bag and even as I was breaking it up. It was just a little spongey. I didn't feel much at all and when I got home I took a closer look. THERE ARE NO CRYSTALS ON IT. Sure there are orange hairs but no THC. 
    What have I gotten my self into and what can I do legally? I think I'm still fucked -$80 so hopefully a future blade will see this and know not to try your luck. 

  2. Thats shitty, you should call them. Once I got something bad from the dispensary and I let them know I had been fucked over, and they gave me a bunch of extra stuff in compensation, but you still feel like they tried to screw you. 
    Its a shame that there are places doing this when there are hardly any legal other recreational points to get the ganja. 
  3. I opened my bag again this morning and got a small smell of weed. Nothing like a quarter though… 
    Called them and they said they were sorry nothing they can do about it. The worst part about this is the foul taste that has been left in my mouth with my first 'legal purchase'. 
  4. You sound a bit confused or naïve.  I-502 passed in Nov 2012, not last month and there is no "legal" rec weed available for sale in WA yet.  I guess you could call them up and let them know you're trashing them and posting their website on GC.  Or you could give them a chance to make good before narking the fuckers in.  
  5. Btw I've been a consumer of cannabis for eight years now. I know you can't purchase 'legal' weed yet until June, but by paying in donation you can obtain it. Which is probably still breaking the law.  
    I called them back and they just kept saying all sales final. But all I wanted was an answer to why the second to best stuff they had is hardly a buzz. Its Island Skunk which is a Sativa and they claimed to have a THC % of 19.7 percent. I was really expecting a bang. 
    Im trying everything I can think of to make it worth my $80. Ive put the bud in paper bag for the time being. Its still VERY spongey and likes to pull apart rather then break off. 
    Argh just really ticked at my self for not going to a park or something. 
  6. Do ya got any pics. Seems like they are legit.

  7. Post up a picture. I always look at my bud before purchase because even though there is "top shelf" or what ever, some of the buds aren't. It sounds like this place is just looking to make money and thats unfortunate. I know places that will actually care and hook it up when you are unsatisfied. Support the places that do good business and care about their reputation.  
  8. Sounds like they literally just chopped the buds off the plant, threw them in the bag and drove to sell it to you. Spongey? Ugh. Anyway, you're going to have to wait for the shops if you want to know what you're getting. Hell, you don't have dealers in your area that you know still? There's weed everywhere in this state....why would you go the route you did?
  9. And AHAHAHAHA @ them selling some shit for $400 an ounce here in Washington. Wow. It doesn't look bad, but the way they give product descriptions, they come off as snobby, and that's just a guess from how I read their website coupled with their prices.
    $400 an ounce...LOL!
  10. I'm glad you posted this because I was looking at them and wondering about their "product"Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
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    [​IMG]Im just trying to find out if I'm going crazy or what? It looks and feels like real bud but its like there is ZERO THC in it. Theres no way that my tolerance is that high. 
  12. This is why it should stay for medical purposes. I have never had a delivery system screw me over like that. Its not hard to get your recommendation. Just don't abuse your power by buying it for cheap and re selling it to make money. Its exactly what 21 year olds are going to do. Buy it at the dispensary then re sell it to high school and college kids. I got mine with the help of dozens of x-rays and MRI pictures, physical therapy visits, etc. and it was my only choice aside from pain killers. this medical marijuana has saved my life and made me able to exercise at full intensity
  13. ^ ?
    So according to you it's easy to get a med script
    Just go pay for tons of MRI's and other medical shit. Yeah that's not expensive at all.
    my insurance covered it. why the fuck would I spend thousands on imaging systems to just get a weed card?
  15. ^ oh and how do you have insurance?
    Most people have to pay a shitload of money for health insurance
  16. my parents. im still on their plan.
    I pay for my apartment, car insurance, groceries, fashion, my medicine, supplements, skin care products, everything.
    So it looks like you got their, "Island Skunk," according to your baggie.
    I believe you when you say it doesn't work very well.
    That said, looking at their site and your picture, it does look like the same buds.
    If I were you I would do two things.
    First, don't order that variety from them again. And when you do order again, politely ask them what strain is potent, while explaining you weren't pleased with the Island Skunk's potency. You catch more flies with honey, and you never know, they may just hook you up to keep you as a customer. Also, by asking you reduce the risk of getting something lame.
    Second, I would re-cure the batch you have now for a few days. Stick it in a jar, or baggie. Open it for a few minutes a couple times per day. Let it get nice and dry (not crispy). Sometimes a re-cure will bring out some of the missing potency in badly cured wet bud.
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    Thanks mate! ^ I threw it all in a paper bag for now hoping that will do the trick. I was weary of getting something lame which is why i opted for the $80 choice and the 19%THC rating.  
    Part of me thinks if you sell bud with zero thc you can't go to jail. 
    And I do agree imalwayscold. I had huge expectations with all this legal movement towards weed but from what I'm reading and experiencing is its going from a Medical use to Novelty use… : / 
    Under closer inspection in good light. I can see a few micro crystals more towards the inside of the bud reflecting at me. But on the outside there are no crystals. Any chance they might 'scrub' the bud down and use the crystals for extracts etc… Im just trying to think why this stuff is a no go. 
  19. I think I figured it out… 
    From what I have been reading, they probably chopped them a few weeks too soon. I might try them again down the road and mention the issue. 
  20. You can in Colorado, but not Washington yet until spring.

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