Seattle Hempfest

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  1. Is anyone on GC from WA? Or near it?

    Anyone planning on going to Seattles 20th Hempfest?
  2. I'm from clarkston wa, ahhhha kinda near spokane? Annd idk I was planning on it but things kinda came I heard you hafta pay :(
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    You don't have to pay...
  4. That's what someone told me I was like whaaattt..
  5. Yeah its a totally free three day event with free music. You can donate if you want but you dont need to
  6. Been there the last 3 years and plan on making it 4 this year.

    Great event.
  7. Its free... tentative plans to try and make it... doubtful though..:rolleyes:
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    Yeaaah this would've been my first year..obviously ahahaha
  9. I spent 15 bucks playing bong pong at one of the vendors set up there

    That shit is rigged, don't do it!
  10. fuck, i moved like a month before hempfest and im sooooo sad :(
  11. I've lived in Seattle my whole life and even though I'm only a 10 minute drive from the event I don't really have any desire to go to it. I just picture it being full of greasy long haired stoners and I don't really look the part.

  12. nicee i live in lewiston lc valley blows...
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    Right?! Ahahah.. the only thing decent about it is the party beach, that's kinda saying sometthing...whatsyour name?

  14. oh they call me fred. or sir frederick. either one works.....
  15. hempfest is always a good time and plus i believe the weather is supposed to be nice
  16. I live in Canada and want to take a road trip down some year :)
  17. definitely going this year, tried out the tacoma one last year to see if it was any different than the usual seattle one and it sucked ass, sticking with the seattle one definitely!
  18. I really wanna go, but I'm leaving for WSU on the 15th. DAMN you early college start!!!!!
  19. I am deff going to the Seattle Hempfest this year. This will be my third time attending. I mark this on my calander like it was christmas. I love it! A free three day event. You get to publicly smoke weed infront of police. Tasty edibles everywere. Nice locally blown glass at cheap ass prices. The people are not as bad as you would expect, usualy really friendly.
    My good friend dresses up every year as a wizard or somthing or other every year and people usualy smoke him hella.
    I cant wait.

  20. I got hella homies at WSU

    You'll love it...the parties are crackinnnn

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