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  1. and before we knew it the season was here so I started a new grow outdoors with a friend of mine we just put some plants out that were roughly 30 days old from clone

    There is 8 total. All cheese clones grown from nirvana seeds. I downsize this year considering most of my time is spent on my indoor project which requires much much more attention

    without further ado here's a snap or two


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  2. Yep it's that time of year. Good luck friend,
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    Thanks- you know it curious to see the difference between my indoor cheese and these at the end of the season
  4. okay so I've had a little bit more growth and I decide on a feeding regiment for these girls I'm going to be using general organics nutrients feeding mild strength

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  5. looking great, good luck
  6. Yessir thankslove the avatar there's also my perpetual indoor journal in my sig
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    Sorry double posted
  8. Some news pics same feeding cycle but the girls were looking good going to put a supply order in later. Going to pick up done more neem as a preventive measure. slaked last season and I lost a couple girls.
    1372611838176.jpg 1372611848818.jpg
  9. Girls are looking goods. Have yet to pick up neem hers another shot. Got a few nibbles at the ends off leaves no good!
  10. Looking good man!
    I've always wanted to do one outside. :ph34r:
  11. I'm honestly surprised you have not. I can absolutely say that its a little overwhelming taking care of both plus work full time bit it pays off in the end. I also have extra hands if i need then from the fam
  12. I tried to re veg the papaya outside. But it failed.
    I was thinking of taking one of these out to an island around here on the lake. Just gotta find a small spot that looks like a spot nobody goes.
    Cant really do it in my yard. Or I would. Roommate has to many straight edge people around. And I dont like that.
    They are the kind that would step on it just to be a douche.
    So boo to them.
    One day i'll get my chance... lol
  13. Ys man iv life to think my spots good with guard dogs n all but i still get my self paranoid can't imagine having those issue s n trying to propogate
  14. Hey gotta another update man are they busging out! They really liked that last feeding uh have them. I think another trimming is in order. I've been topping regularly anyway here's a shot

  15. Gettin bigger and looking good
  16. Another up date girls on a double feeding cycle now and they have definatly seeming to enjoy it. What you guys think? 1375653515251.jpg
  17. I think those are looking mighty fine.
    I wanna see them all budded up! That will be Nice.

    Keep up the good shit man!
  18. Hey thank you sir! Ya toys send like my best season so fat but we will see
  19. Awesome garden that's how I wish I could do my outdoor stuff looks good cheese is awesome to
  20. Thanks ya man ok pretty happy with it this year. It's also the first year I've planned on doing an out door instead of just grossing plants o cast from my grow room

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