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seasoned tokers

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by red hairz, Aug 12, 2003.

  1. I like cayenne and garlic.

    It keeps me saucy.

    And it keeps the vampires at bay
  2. I hate to be pickin nits but this thread belongs in the vampires and sauciness forum.

    And to keep vampires at bay I suggest a good holy water pipe. You can buy them in the occult section of the grasscity shops
  3. im more of a lemmon pepper, garclic man my self.....

    i like to keep things spicey and to the whats your point?

  4. I ain't jewish.

  5. whats that got to do with anything....and who would care about that?
  6. if your actually talking about

    it depends what the manin ingrediant....meat,vegatable, what have nyou... that'll decide what gets placed in it....

  7. where is the sense of humor in this place.

    The name of the forum is SEASONED tokers.

    I told my seasoning...

    And if no one gives a shit about anything else, then this is no different than any of the other threads I've read today. I read a lot before I posted

    It's not like there's a lot of mind-bogglin' activity going on around here.
  8. i like garlic, and lots of it!!!! and seasoning salt. well theres lots actually just depends on what your cookin!

  9. dude we are potheads mind boggling is not our department mind bakin is. useless drivel is fun and takes a large chunk of our meandering day with bong in one hand and beer in the other. stay high and enjoy the city fer what it is

  10. Don't get me started on garlic! :drools:
  11. i think i read through this too fast... what are we tlaking about, cooking grumpy midgets!?! im so confused....

  12. roflmmfao good one cs
  13. I like seasoning salt. :)

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