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Seasoned Tokers

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Mar 27, 2003.

  1. to whome it may concern, and you know who you are, this place is comprised of seasoned tokers, and we make this place up, id like to think that i worked my way in, even though i was the different guy at the time being
    we need something positive to come from all of this, and it cant be people leaving, those of of to whome it does concern, if you were to would do absolutely no good for the cityh to have you go away.

    think about this place, what it meant/means to you..just think about it..the seasoned tokers..OFFF's and even some of the yFFFs
  2. I really must have missed something... whose leaving???
  3. so your staying? thats fuckin awesome man!:)
  4. Hey, Namron glad you are here; I ain't been around as long as many of you seasoned tokers, but it seems like this is quite a tight community and I, for one, would like to see it continue to be tight. SO ALL YOU SEASONED TOKERS, PLEASE STAY. No mush intended, but I do care! I'm smoking a hit in honor of this community's longevity!
  5. aah it does my heart good to hear this,...welcome back to our "happy place" theres a few others that need to come BACK or else!

  6. we already have to many fallen comrades.. whatever happened to zonedude. :(
  7. i agree with norm (glad to hear you'll be staying by the way). those who have gone need to return. lets put the past behind us and move forward. learn from our mistakes... that kinda shit.

    seriously guys... we shouldn't let this break up the community. especially over something so petty.

  8. Funny you should ask...He emailed me today. He's doing good! Just really busy with life.
  9. ~~~~~~vibes,vibes~~~~~~~
    ok enough of those already. now on to some thoughts thats got erased when i thought i was still logged in (btw i Hate it when that happens,lol) anyhow...i might not reply to eeeverything ya'll say, but damnit i readem. we are a fantastically diverse group of people, young and old alike. some of you are from places ill never see in my lifetime, (maybe the next one ive got big plans :)) you people here make me smile, make me laugh, and make me ponder a few things, somtimes when i dont really even want to.<-edit hehe oops i stole that direcrtly from rjml
    being a human being allows us faults, gripes, and forgiveness,for those who ask. being blades allows us to be friends. here in my HAPPY freekin place.
    so friends lets do what we need to do to repair the setting stones of our foundation.
  10. do I love this place! :)

  11. Me guys are like my second extended family :)
  12. im glad your stayin norm...
    it sucks, i rarely ever see nubbin around anymore..... it was always hilarious when you two would get into it
  13. i wanna go to hawaii YAYYYYYYY YAYYYY

    i wanna go to hawaii YAYYYYY YAYYYYYYYYYYY

    i wanna go to hawaii
    i wanna go to hawaii YAYYYYY YAYYYY YAYYYYY

  14. just wanted 2 say u guys are dope as hell and i agree with everything said... that which ive been a member long enough to uderstand fully anyway.. ive already learned a lot just comin in here every couple days and when i see a thread like this i can almost feel the love... the world needs more of it 4 real...

    but the reason i was making this post was to make something clear to you guys... ive seen mods a few times talking about the rules and about members under 18 and such, and how if one is under the age of 18 they should do their best to make it seen that they arent.

    ive been thinking about the best way to put this, but i guess simpler is better...

    if there is anyone who feels i shouldnt be here.. any of you guys that have been here a while and know the ropes better than me .. let me know how you feel

    because there is nothing i want less than to disrespect you guys by sticking around in an environment where im not welcome..

    just say the word, and ill disappear.. because i have mad respect for you guyz and i would really like to stick around, but i have respect enough as well to not be a pain in the ass if thats the case.. peace
  15. i know for a fact there is a 14 year old here...just because hes got a link to his site in his sig...hes sortof a regular here...but even his posts seem young...i wouldnt even tell him to you cant either.
  16. imo..age shouldnt be a reason to not be part of a community.
    but I know the mods cant help it, its not their rules. or SJ's, its wordly rules :(

    I think its the character of the person that matters the most...
    a 17 yr old can have the spirit of a old man..and visa versa.

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