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seasoned tokers, you should grow

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by relieF, Aug 26, 2003.

  1. i figure, the best way to combat harsh marijuana laws is to spread the word on how easy it is to grow. it costs at most $300 for a basic setup, and i think mass marijuana cultivation would harbor newfound support and enthusiasm from y'all couchlocked deadheads.

    submit to my will

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  2. I already do grow.... Does this mean I won't submit to your pic?

    BTW I have never been a couchlocked deadhead... What does that feel like?
  3. wow, more people grow on this site than i thought, as ive been realizing lately. i would like to but my current living situation is not anywhere near perfect, and i would rather grow mushrooms as they are less detectable and harder for me to find.
  4. i wouldn't know what its like to be a deadhead, although i do enjoy the music...

    i've couchlocked before once... i took a couple bong hits until i started to feel the high, but apparently pure indica when smoked like sativa will give you bad ass couchlock. that was at a party, i was invited by a good friend. the whole party i was just standing there trying to talk but not being able to find the words or the enthusiasm to say anything. it was too much too much. and it was too late to do anything about it. =(
  5. I just don't have the resources at the moment. Not money-wise, location-wise.
  6. i grew last year, not very successful. id liek to start again, but i want to grow outdoor so its too late this year.

    i might set up a little grow show for the winter in my closet, but im not sure. growing was a fun hobby last time, i spent so much time with the plant. but it got some disease or soemthing?? all the leaves got covered in brown spots, so i cut it down before i had to watch it die. it was about foot and a half tall...

    next year! im gonna try and get soem Northern lights seeds. i love that stuff :D
  7. weeeeeell i guess i could convert about half of my closet to a mini-growroom, with a modest 100W - 200W lamp.

    but where would i put all my computer spareparts. and the clothes on the shelves would reek of pot. well, they do already as they hang to dry in my room...

    umm, where was i...
  8. I'd like to grow but I don't have the room at college and it's a pretty big risk to turn my closet in my little bitty dorm room into a grow room. And my parents already kicked me out of the house once just for smoking, so if I can't grow at home.
  9. The only thing stopping me is lack of funds...bills come first, you know. But just wait until October...I should be able to afford it by then!

  10. yaaaaa buddy, good luck with it, but why oct 1st... anything important happining then..? o that reminds me.. i gotta pick up my check... hummmmm... wonder how much its for..

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