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Seasoned Toker's Opinion : Best wake + bake herb

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by *dmoney/208*, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. Well, blades and bladies. after a long, smoky and skunky 65 miles car ride into the middle of mountains and prairie fields to pick up some more dank for the Midsville tokers last night, I am drained this morning.

    My herb buddy Captain, who was driving, said I was barely functioning, lol for the better part of that long journey. I have an anxiety problem something fierce, so maybe 5 kpins after smokin' med herb all the way up the hill wasn't a good idea, lol :smoke:

    I got a free 1.4 nug of MoonWreck for the help, though.

    All in all, a long, fun, night. But my question is, after an epic night like this, ya'll know how it feels in the morning. so, out of the strains I currently have, which would be the best IYHO to wake and bake with.

    Feel free to suggest other strains that aren't listed. This is just what I have on me ;
  2. is this a poll? what strains do you have? All I read was MoonWreck so I'll say that for now
  3. sorry bout that, poll is up now, all that is listed is what I have on hand in my med-containers at the moment.:hello:
  4. go with the sour desiel bro i got some right now and its the shittt:D
  5. a pure indica.... and falll back asleep into bliss.
  6. #6 *dmoney/208*, Sep 24, 2010
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    any other day, and this would be a good, awesome, choice, but I woke up at 6 .am, worked all day till 3, then got an hour nap before smoking all day long, then making that long herb roadtrip at 10:30 at night, while pilled-out and still burning the whole way there and back, and ending at 2 am.

    so I'm tired of just being zombified, but still like the back-relaxing property of the indicas....hmm...quite the quandry, I should say :smoke::smoke::smoke:

    p.s - do you know how fucking much I wish I had a good camera to take some good macros of this herb? it's the best + most beautiful I've ever had. ah well, one day. take a look at PhilthyPhil's threads to see the type i'm talking about. they come from the same area.
  7. "509 Blueberry (heavy, potent, sativa)"
  8. i'd wake and bake with some strains that get you up and thinking. Not a mindblower strain. I do those at night.:smoke:
  9. I would say the 509 being that it is a sativa and will wake you up
  10. gotta love the blueberry one of my all time favorite strains, it really gets you energized makes you feel like your flying and taste pretty sweet.
  11. Pineapple Punch. 100% sativa.

  12. damn, hectic ass day bro. for up i reccomend sativa or sativa dominant hybrid. i love macros... so beautiful
  13. Yeah the 509, sativas in the morning = bliss.
  14. well it isnt listed but i prefer chronic or g-13 2 best wake an bake buds i have hever tried

  15. though I don't mind other suggestions as well of shit that's worked well in the past for others :wave:

    btw - for the record, I wound up going with a bowl of Blueberry topped with Kali Mist. :smoke:
    I was zoooooooted. flying. good choice.
  16. 707 Headband. Clearest heady high I've ever experienced ever. Great if you gotta go to school.
  17. Idea: mix them all together and roll a fatass blunt! Eh?
  18. what's NYC Sour D?

    is that NYC Diesel x Sour Diesel?

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