Seasoned Tokers Help: How To Make A Home Made Pipe That Could Last A While!!!!

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by lacrossestar, Dec 23, 2002.

  1. Please i need help i need it to last me a while so like it will build up resin and hopefully it wont be to hard to build and no bong just a pipe and im so desperate i just may use the dreaded TIN FOIL thats how desperate i am HELP OFFF!!!!!!!!!!
  3. i dunno if youre willing to do this...but i made a pipe out of wood from my backyard. all you need is a nice stick about an inch in diameter and some power drilling was actually very easy to make. works pretty well too, very sturdy, wont break or wear away
  4. thats a sweet idea but i dont think i have tools enough to do that and its kind of late its night tim eher i can do that
  5. dude... its so simple it hurts me to even answer this question

    you need a bowl, and a tube.... and a grade 10 education....

    oh shit, lookz like you cant make it

    better luck next time
  6. at first i thought you were calling him a dumbass..hahahaha...but then i realized you were busting him for his least i hope thats what it was..


  7. yeah or play dough!! try that
  8. I'm just curious (me being just a smoker just since the summer) why is tinfoil so bad for you??

    I have smoked out of a "lung" or "parachute bong" a couple of times and I found it worked amazingly well.

    If there is a serious health risk with it I definitly won't do it again. Sorry if this post made no sense...I'm stoned...I LOVE Christmas.
  9. ive heard that aluminum can lead to alzheimers..but besides that, eventually the aluminim will make your high terrible, to the point of wishing you were dead.
  10. Really??? What do you suggest I replace the tinfoil in the cap with then??
  11. if your 18 or know someone 28 you can get pipe screens at a tobacco shop
  12. Yes I AM old enough to buy this stuff, but I'm extremely broke. I wouldn't be using these things if I had the cash to go out and buy from head shops. Is there anything I could find in my house?? If I ripped one of those filters for water out of a tap, would that work?
  13. dude...they are like 50 cents..for five of them....
  14. yeah the screens in your tap work, and there should be 2.. and only use them if theyr the metal screens

    just to be safe though, burn the shit out of it over a lighter until smoke stops coming off of it
  15. Listen no one is helping you are they? Get a Cardboard tube from TP or Paper Towels and cut a hole in one end....make a bowl out of the dreded TIN FOIL poke holes and use yer hand to cover one side while you light the bowl and toke from the other.

    This is awsome and the dreded TIN FOIL isn't that bad me and my dad use it every weekand and have no trouble with it!

    Well my dad is alittle bald but other than that were fine. :)
  16. even you didnt help dude..he wants one to last awhile...

    go to the hardware store...i promise you can find shit to make a pipe with, for under 5 dollars.

    and it will last.
  17. The hard ware store is a great place to get pipe stuff look in the plumbing section and check out the air and hydraulic fittings department too. All kinds of little thingys that are shaped at the right angles to make a bowl out of. If ya got a good mechanics tool set in the garage look for a deep socket 1/4 inch drive 1/8 inch socket these work good for like a little one hitter just be careful and not suck the burining bud in your mouth.
  18. Drill a couple holes in an apple,stick a screen in,your good to go.A roll of wintergreen lifesavers works too.Just peel the paper off both ends,stuff some weed in the hole,and light.Makes a nice little one hitter,and tastes good too.Wintergreens about the only flavor that tastes decent.
  19. Apples easily work (and taste) the best when you need a disposable piece. Plus eating the apple afterwards is one of the most satisfying things to munch on.
  20. Just go to a hardware store, for under $3 buy a small piece of pipe (you can get them about an inch or two long and an elbow joint. The small pipes are already braided, just screw the elbow joint onto it, and throw a screen in that puppy and it's good to go. Copper doesn't taste the greatest the first few times, but a pipe on a budget calls for a few sacrifices. Of course you could just pop down to the local headshop and buy a small pipe for under $5, and it'll be both tight and long lasting, but you don't get the pride of a home made peice.

    You could also have a sidequest like I do at time and kill the last few hours of work by building a pipe with things looted from the bar/kitchen. Pens and pastry tips make sweet pipes.

    As for some less helpful posters in this topic:

    "A wise man will point out the good points in another, and never mention their flaws. The small man will do the reverse of this"

    I read that recently, and I can't remember where.... but it holds true.

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