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seasoned toker

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by a-hole, May 4, 2003.

  1. i'm a seasoned toker from the south. I hope all you seasoned tokers out there are friendly..

    nothing like smoking a few with a good woman!

    We all know that smoking lets you be the real you!
  2. welcome to grasscity , im a seasoned toker from california. Nice to meet ya
  3. Seasoned from Eastern N.C.
  4. Seasoned from Iowa.

  5. Yea there is nothing like smoking with a good woman! Gets'em in the mood every time! LOL

  6. BTW where in the south are you from??
  7. i'm from tennessee.. southern parts

    i like to get the g/f stoned and the let the party begin..

    she is like a nympho when she is stoned..
  9. Nother seasoned toker here from
    Pittsburgh, PA

    great place for stoners of all kinds :D

  10. Wow, me too. Seems to be a lot of TN tokers on here :)

  11. I can't have twins critter. Thats against the law in the US. A twin of mine would have been sent to a sceintific research lab.. lol
  12. seasoned toker here in the South... Atlanta area.Yes, Tennessee is a good place. I was born there. Beautiful state.
  13. welcome! seasoned from NB, washington:hippie:
  14. Way down yonder in the Indian Nation,

    In those Oklahoma hills.

    Name's Okie.

    But being seasoned,

    You can call Garlic Salt.
  15. Experienced from Telluride, Colorado. HUGE stoner town.

  16. What no season all salt with garlic.. you must be way up in the hills Smokie.. lol
  17. hey man, im about as seasoned as you can get for bein only 18, an im from Pittsburgh PA to, awsome place for potheads lol. Hope to hear lots of good stuff and some crazy stoned rants from ya :p

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