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Seasoned Toker testing Firecrackers (pics)

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Snugs06, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. Whats up GC? I'm a bored seasoned toker here, just thought I'd do a little play by play of my firecracker journey. I hope this post can be a simple informative piece on the interesting edible.

    I've smoked once today (a blunt of high mids) though I haven't eaten. I also have little experience with firecrackers (twice) but was so drunk both times, the exact effects are gray to me. I do know that edibles can get you really, really high which is my main incentive in doing this, this afternoon.

    I would like to start off by showing you all my supplies:

    2.0 grams of bud (mixture of good dank and high mids)
    Laura Scudder's Old Fashioned Peanut butter
    Skyflakes Crackers
    Reynolds Wrap

    Notice that the peanut butter is of the oily variety (THC will bind better the fatter the PB):

    I will proceed by grinding up the bud as finely as possible, and then pressing the bud into two separate peanut butter sandwiches.

    Bud Pre-Grindage


    One layer of PB on each cracker

    Now the sandwiches will go into the microwave for 15 seconds (I guess to preheat the bud and oil)

    Then I will wrap them in the Reynolds Wrap and put them in a 315 F degree oven for 24 minutes.(All the recipes I read were from 23 minutes to 27, so I decided to be kind of in the middle and used the digits from 4:20 cause i'm a stoner)

    Finished Product W/ Bananas added to give sandwiches an extra element:

    I have now eaten the sandwiches (around 2:00) and will be writing a short Humanities essay. After which I will write y'all about the effects as I smoke a joint.
  2. Great pics, looking forward to reading the results of your experiment. You are to be commended fr using enough weed and actually applying heat.

    Hope you stay within your comfort zone.
  3. Welp I just finished writing my paper and am feeling a good body high. It's a pretty damn good paper for 45 minutes too, titled "The tao of coffee table decorating". I think The firecrackers kicked in while I was writing the paper, I actually separated it into paragraphs and everything! Also I though what was a longer paper (I thought I wrote like 4 or 5 pages) ended up being a page and a half shorter. So time is definitely starting to be distorted. I am about to smoke this bad boy below, and post again.

    Note: I also forgot to post pics of how the grinded up bud looked on top of the peanut butter layers, so here ya go:

    And for the fatty i'm smoking now( smoking is amazing on edibles):
  4. if you ate them at 2 then you should be feeling pretty good by now. also i love smokeing a bowl before the high from the crackers kick in. i smoke a bowl then the high just gos up from there lol
  5. Just woke up from a weed nap. The firecrackers had me passed out at about 7:00 and I'm still feeling a little high after smoking a bowl. I'm feeling a real stony mind high, almost feels like I'm wearing a cap or something. Maybe next time I'll step it up and put an eighth in 3 crackers, what y'all think?

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