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Seasoned Toker Apprentice Question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CasinoCloudz, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. Im thinking that pretty quickly like within the next month im going to buy a bong. However my room mate at college is very nosy and most likely to rat on me if he finds anything. I know that bongs can get very smelly and aren't exactly the smallest things ever.

    Any tips or ideas on how to hide a bong in a small area without it smelling or anything?
  2. dont use it in the dorms.
    thats a bad idea.

    and if you use it somewhere else, wash it good and sneak it into your closet.
    if he is going through your closet, you should bust him in his fucking face.
  3. Haha i would but its more like id take it along with me for a qucik sesh or to a party and then have to stash it in my dorm. I just don't want him to smell it. :]
  4. ya you take that thing to a college party....

    that shit will disappear.

    i can promise you that.

  5. I have done it before :], im very protective about my gear and never let it out of my sight. Im a nice guy but if you touch my shit and i don't know you i have a problem.
  6. What kind of college kid would rat on his room mate for a bong?
  7. A fag i cant wait to get rid off second semester thats who!
  8. id say you should get one and find a nice case for it. my case conceals the smell really well, and its like a cool cushion for the bong. you a freshman? im going to be a freshman as well and im just praying my roommate doesnt care if i have one.
  9. get one with a case with a lock and tell him that if he even so much as touches it that you'll kick his nosy little head in.

    i think it'll work
  10. If I were you, I'd look into buying a vape. Will serve you a much better in college, because the smell is so minimal. Doesn't look to obvious either, unlike a bong. You can get a decent one for around $160 shipped w/ a grinder and case.
  11. A vape is good for college, sell the vaped herb to desprate broke college kids. The bong itself wont smell as long as you keep the water clean with an ash catcher and dont spill it. But you will need to conseal the smell of the smoke with some fabric softer sheets stuffed into a tube of sorts. Make sure they are tightly packed so no smoke can pass through with out getting filterd. Every hit will make your room smell like fresh laundry.
  12. aren't you legally allowed to have a bong if you are 18?
  13. i would recomend a bubbler! I was somewhat in teh same boat you were as i had to hide it from my parents, i got a nice double chambered bubbler it hits smooth, looks cool, and you can get some decent hits off it. Also it is really easy to hide compared to my bong i had.
  14. bong cases just look like pillows so your room mate wont see it and just don't let it get dirty and it won't smell. But if your trying to be sneaky I would go with a bub or just stick with a dry piece
  15. if you get to college and dont and havent smoked, than your not ready for highschool let alone college
  16. if he is really nosy i would suggest a suitcase or a lockbox. this way he can not get to it. but if he does i would definatly kick his ass or fuck with him no one should be that nosy.
  17. yes you can have any smoking device legally at 18, but if you use marijuana with it then the cops can drug test the res. and can bust you if it has like thc content on it. but they can be legally sold by means of a tobacco pipe.

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