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seasoned smokers: what are u wake n baking?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Whatpottt123, Aug 22, 2019.

  1. currently the sativa cherry diesel, grown outdoors, in a nice climate unlike sometimes during fluctuations u can get some pretty bad shit.
  2. No picture?
  3. I couldn't decide this morrning so I just smoke all the indica pens. :)
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  4. eh don't have the best quality camera, it is a 2015 camera:

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  5. last time they said climate was bad lol and it was much less dense oh well, id estimate this at 12% thc? i guess i can live with that.
  6. Critical Orange Punch BHO I made last week, great turpene profile!
  7. I usually only wake n bake on weekends, when I don't work. I like to have a nice sativa with some coffee. Something like Jack Herer, Blue Dream, Strawberry cough to name a few.
  8. Smoking on some gorilla glue #4 by bloom farms.


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  9. I wake up high
  10. Woke up to a Beautiful Day after a light rain yesterday, so I'm starting my morning with some Half Dome Haze by West Coast Sunrise. Dosidos X The MAC, Pheno #3. Have a Bless Day.
  11. Good Morning All.
    Today I will enjoy some Fruit Flambe' from Korova.
    The Genetics are Purple Punch, Forbidden Fruit, Zkittlez, and Magnum Opus #18
    ( all heavyweights on their own). Smoking was sweetness combined with a floral on the exhale..smooth.
    Excellent buzz, mental clarity, no sluggishness or spaced out feeling.
  12. Freakin' nothing! I ran out last night and now I'm waiting until 10am for my dispensary to open up.
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  13. someone smoke a bowl for me.

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  14. [​IMG]
    Idk what this shit is but it leaves a thick resin on my lips and tongue after every big hit

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  15. F2 Mr Nice Super Silver Haze
  16. Up high flying with durban poison wax 15825133869544034257575247729806.jpg
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