Seasoned Smoker: Needs Alternatives Please

Discussion in 'General' started by O0B9E9E1T, Aug 15, 2012.

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    Hello, I'm a well seasoned smoker who smokes daily for many decades. Bare minimum before bed, but 95% of the time I smoke several bowls a day more toward the evening. I love the days I don't get to smoke all day then when I sit down on my computer for the evening it's much nicer :)

    Prices are high for decent herb so I need to figure something else out for my days, even tasks/projects I do I smoke gives me patience. Does anyone have any recommendations? I've tried high dosage Kava alcohol extract dripped quickly into in capsules and swallowed since it tastes like shyt, and it was OK and might be a possible returning solution. I drink a lot of beer with projects and that's ok but not the same or a good habit to form. Kava can not have a tolerance built against it which is a + so any other natural suggestions would help!
  2. Discussion of other drugs are not allowed on this forum.

  3. It's not a drug, I'm talking about natural alternatives.
  4. What are you asking for? I don't think they have Organic meth.

  5. Woa, something relaxing. If you knew anything about Kava to begin with you wouldn't be saying these things.
  6. You live in amesterdam and you're complaining about prices?
  7. Lol there is no alternative.


  8. He is talking about alcohol, which is allowed.
  9. There is another plant... just as good as weed if not better...

  10. This..
  11. 4. The following is not allowed to be posted within our community:
    j. Discussion of other drugs including pharmaceuticals, supplements and ‘legal’ herbs used as intoxicants. Note: Cannabis, caffeine, alcohol and tobacco can be freely discussed.

    Also you weren't just talking about natural alternatives; I read your original post. I'm not trying to be a dick. I'm just warning you that this thread might be against the rules, and you might get an infraction.
  12. Ever heard of calimus?
  13. [quote name='"O0B9E9E1T"']

    It's not a drug, I'm talking about natural alternatives.[/quote]

    natural has nothing to do with whether or not something is a drug
  14. No I haven't do you mean Calamus? Isn't that nutmeg based lol I have a list going I will add it to, for research:
    -St John's Wort
    -Valerian Extract
    -Passion Flower
    -5HTP (used at one point, read some bad things on the back and stopped)
    -Green Tea + L-Theanine (combined/together)

    My farts are a drug if you wana huff them, I don't see why this thread would be an issue. It's like comparing a sharp pencil to a knife back in school
  15. Exercise? Meditation?
  16. try smoking various plants on your lawn, see what works for you. For your health
  17. literally laughed hard

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