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Seasoned smoker looking for a good joint roller.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by tgsk85, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. This past year I broke all the bones in my right hand and I can no longer roll a good joint or blunt. Sad I know. If I want to roll anything it takes a good deal of time. Anyway I just wanted to give you guys some background round as to why I really need a good roller.

    My first question is what's the best roller on the market? I hear FUTUROLA rollers are really good. Is this true?

    My second question is if I bought a FUTUROLA roller should I buy a king size roller or the regular sized model? I personally love to smoke fatties thats kind of why I'm leaning towards the king size. However sometimes I could see the need to blaze it up with a normal sized joint (I hear with the regular model you can pack a G in a joint). Basically I don't want to buy the king size and end up only using large papers for it.

    If I bought the king sized model could I use normal sized papers with it?

    My final question is if the King sized FUTUROLA roller could roll blunts (I'm a little confused by it's size)? If not then what's a good blunt roller to buy. If needed to buy separate rollers (i.e one joint roller and one blunt roller) then I'm fine with that.

    Any suggestions or help would be awesome. Thanks a ton guys and gals.
  2. I owned a futurola. Meh. Broke it. I bought a JOB cigg roller down the street from a Pakistani dude for 2 bucks. Never looked back.
  3. Thats rather disappointing. Did it break after a few months of use or was it damaged?
  4. alot of so called "machine rollers" still require a steady hand and in my opinion roll any joint a little on the tight side. I actully recomend just using a $$ bill, just make a fold towards one of the ends fill with weed, then roll up and down to shape, insert paper and lick and roll,
    You will have a nice perfectly rolled joint anyday. you can do this with any normal paper but i think money grips the paper better and its the perfect size.

    It may not work for you (sorry about the hand) worst comes to worst call a smoking buddy up and tell him youll give him a few drags if he rolls it.

    whatever decision you make, good luck


  5. Thanks for the recommendation. My hand is perfectly usable, it just lacks some finer motor skills.
  6. :hello: :hello: Ill roll for u!

  7. It broke a few months after I bought it. The rollers and the ribbon got fucked I was so pissed. But really that JOB roller is very easy to use. Push the ribbon down between the rollers and fill'er up. The roller doesn't close but one of the rollers slides up between the frame into a locking position. Then you simply roll. Its easy to feel if it needs more or not by the tightness of the ribbon. And what the fuck its 2 bucks down the street. You simply can't beat that shit.

  8. sure you can. learn how to roll
  9. Ooor...spend 2 dollars to buy a roller and make perfect j's every time :)
  10. For everyone's info I bought a 9 dollar (with shipping) Zen blunt roller off of EBay (you can roll 110 mm joints with it too). I smoke more blunts then joints so thats what made me get a blunt roller. I will someday buy a 70 mm joint roller. Most likely when I buy my bong.
  11. Get the regular one. better 2 littler joints than one fatass burnign one
  12. even the dollar bill can make them a bit too tight at times. Anyway i hear that Zig-Zag Rollers are good.
  13. Blunts are just ghetto fab. I love them. I also love the taste. They're great for car rides and group smoke outs of 2 to 4 people. I never smoke alone. Also if you smoke a well rolled blunt it can last any where from 15 to 30 mins. One of my black friends (I'm not trying to be racist, he too says his skills come from being black) rolls one monster blunt. We smoked a room full of people with it. Seriously, I'm not even kidding. I also smoke with some kids from the ghetto and they too roll monster blunts. Weed truly has given me a diverse group of friends. :D I find it funny I've smoked with moms, millionaires, kids from the ghetto, coke heads, Indians, and red necks. I've yet to find a group of people that doesn't smoke weed.
  14. The futurola is fucking sweet. I have the king sized and the regular sized. In the regular size my joints end up weighing about 1.5 grams. The king sized one can roll joints that are about twice as long but the same size thickness. I use the regular sized one the most, i put a crutch (paper tip) in it and the whole thing looks like a cigarette. The king size on i only use for blunts. You just make a joint but insted of using paper you use a blunt wrap. I highly highly highly reccomend you get both. I have had mine for over a year and it still works fine. I have used the larger one probbaly 20 times and i have used the origional size probbaly 200 times. Once you get the hang of it you can roll a joint in 10 seconds. Drop your crutch in, drop the weed in, close, twist it, put paper in, twist is, lick paper, twist it all the away in, and BAM perfect joint everytime.
  15. most rollers are the same idea so there isnt really much difference in them.

  16. thats a sad story my friend. i roll all my joints aided by a dollar bill, which i find much easier than a pesky roller. (i actually use a peso, knowing ill never spend it. :) )
  17. heres a link to the thread where i gave a step by step, and later picture by picture guide on how to do so with a dollar. i hope its informative, and that it helps. i think that since the dollar does the tight rolling for you, your broken hand wont have to do much of the work. ahh good luck to you.
  18. i love my zen roller they make blunt ones to with zen
  19. I have a Zig-Zag roller and it works great, never had an issue with it.
  20. Why was a two year old thread bumped?????

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