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  1. help.

    A while ago, I got a few cuttings from a friend's plant which was vegging at the time. Most of them were cloned (in cloner) then made it to my tent. Three, however, got left in a corn field (long story). Of the three that were left in mentioned field, one appears to be a male. The other two have no obvious signs of this.

    Here's the (ostensible) male:

    Jakes Plant1

    It's obvious to me why that the plants inside the tent (23 hrs on) show no signs of male traits: they're still in veg.

    What gets me is that only 1 of 3 plants that were left in the field is showing male characteristics, because all clones came from the first plant.

    Input, guys!?
  2. Not a clue. The only time I've ever had them make seeds it was due to stress or light cycle changes. Hubs trimmed too much during flower cycle and it hermied them. Anybody trimming on the plant during flower? Maybe somebody else has other ideas. Move the seedy plant before pollen sacs open up.

  3. I've yet to induce flower w any of the plants. The three in the field just naturally initiated. Trimmed only when cut/cloned from mother. I'm familiar with the idea of plants herm-ing, but I've never seen it and I'm very novice grower. I'm so lost!
  4. Jake plant 1 has to be a hermie not a male if it came from a female plant. Are the other two from the field showing sex? There is a good chance they all 3 could have gotten stressed from their experience. Dump the hermies and keep an eye on all of the plants when they are flowering, unfortunately it could be genetic. Good luck and have fun, growing can be a real blast!

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  5. Thanks for your expertise! The other plants aren't, to my knowledge, showing sex. I'm on the verge of dumping every plant i've got over this. I'm a wreck! Thanks again, my friend!!!
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