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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by MattttG3, Jan 25, 2009.

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    hello all. i started toking april 11th of 2008 and at that time i cam onto this forum and saw SOOO much shit going on that i read it all and i have a good idea on how to grow. anyway, i live in upstate new york, and by how last years weather went, i am going to germinate around early april, keep them in red drinking cups for the first 2 weeks, but i will let them get sunlight through a window in my house.

    after they seem promising, i am going to transport them in the early morning to their locations. i live in a small residential neighbor hood with just 8 houses on my road, all close by though.

    across from my house, there is a forest and i have scouted that forest all last year while riding my quad and found several key locations. some have access for sunlight in the morning, some have it for more noon to late night sun shine.

    one question i have is what seeds i should get and where to order them. also how many to plant. i am thinking i will start with 6, and hopefully 3 of them will be female, that leaves a good outcome as this isnt for selling, i just wanna not have to buy shit anymore haha.

    i have interest in misty girl and early girl as they both finish in september and timing is key in NY. also they dont grow so big and in some locations size matters.

    another question is if i could plant them in a corn field. there is one behind my house, and they seed the field in early april and like september 22nd was when they got the brushhog in there and did what they do haha. so is it possible to grow weed with corn as the soil is already tip-top condition?

    any help is greatly appreicated, thank you.
  2. before i forget to ask aswell, in the forest, there is a stream that flows through it. i know where the stream originates from and that is a decent sized pond in the middle of a HUGE feild that i am also looking into planting at.

    so i am wondering if that stream/pond water is ok to give to plants or could it contaminate the plant?

    one LAST question is what are natural landmarks that are good to plant by? i heard some spruces in NY give off the same heat as weed does so its a good spot, and by forest treelines.
  3. Hi Matt, first of all good luck on your future grow!

    I would avoid the corn field...too much risk of people, and the plants may not be ready before the farmers harvest the corn. I think it would be easier in the woods as long as they get sufficient sun light. Morning sun is best IMO if you must choose, however the more light the better (at least 5-6 hours direct light).

    Personally, for your first grow I would get some bag seeds from some pretty good bud, and wait until you are more experienced to spend $$$ on seeds. I have grown some high quality herb from decent bag seeds. I would also start with at least 10 seeds because some may not make it due to bugs, animals, weather, etc.

    I would also more than likely just plant them directly into the ground. I would start with 20 or so seeds and put them about 1 foot apart from each other in the soil after lightly clearing and turning the soil.

    keep us posted..

  4. an early strain like guerilla gold will finish at the end of august and you could do your cornfield with that.

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