Seasoned College Tokers, tips?

Discussion in 'General' started by soneoo, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. So, I and the class of 2012(yea, we're so lucky to be the apocalypse class!) are about to head into college...but I was wondering how you college tokers manage your grades and what not...

    I never had too much trouble in highschool, but now, I HAVE to get atleast a 3.5gpa for fresh. and soph. which might be a little hard w/ all the weed around:smoking:.

    How do you guys handle?
  2. Don't get stoned the day before a test or on test day, some people are different than others in this regard as well. Now i can sit down and study high and then go into the test high and be fine, but my roommate always messes up so i would try not to. Also don't get high then not go to class. The only reason you will ever get less than a B is if you don't go to class freshman year.
  3. put your homework, papers and assignments first before you smoke, if you keep up with that and go to class and take notes, you should be fine. Just smoke after classes and after studying.
  4. just smoke when all your work is done man.
    its not hard to maintain a decent gpa your first year because all the general education classes arent that bad.
    but once you get into your "major class" prepare to bust your ass a lot more.
  5. Don't let the bud take over your life. If you need to take a break because you are slipping, go ahead and do it. It's all about control man.
  6. Splooooooooff
  7. Monitor your use! If you feel like you're fucking up, take a break! If all's gravy, then all's gravy.
  8. as far as grades and smoking, just try using weed as a reward. "when i finish all my work, then i'll smoke a nice fat blunt."
  9. exactly wat i was thinking
  10. Grades before smoking. I'm entering college as well this year but you gotta realize that you have plenty of time throughout the day to smoke herb. Get your studies done, then blaze. Don't blaze to much, drop out and have to pay back loans with out a job because you wont be smoking a whole lot of herb if that happens.
  11. Like everyone else said, just keep on top of studying before you smoke. My GPA dropped almost a full point the last trimester last year because I slacked off big time. It's gonna be a bitch to work it back up to anywhere near where it was.
  12. Work first and party later. Even if you know you are gonna kick ass on a final, dont smoke before you go in or your mind will go blank. It happened to me too many times.
  13. i slacked off alot and i regret doing so. its all good though because you learn from your mistakes. anyways.. please don't study high and take tests high. not worth it at all imo. TRUST ME. you'll do fine in college as long as you do your shit before blazing. im not saying its easy though cuz its not. theres alotta work to be done in college so know that.. lotta stress and shit and sometimes bud is there to help you relax. enjoy parties and such too :D cuz college goes by pretty fast.. and don't slack off like i did during freshman year cuz its not that easy to get your grades up heheh
  14. I'm surprised that I'm the first one to say this... but I always thought getting high made going to school SO much more fun. I agree, school work should come before smoke - but smoking always made the work and studying more interesting. For me they went hand in hand. If that's not the case for you, then you'll need to prioritize.
  15. I like to smoke and then read some Huxley or Sagan, but I'd rather be sober during work that actually gets graded.
  16. Study high and go to high every class. Not completely stoned, but just that right amount. It's all about managing your use.
  17. Make sure you don;t slip that GPA, and keep smoking when you have down time. Don't skip classes, that is what counts... but I think you will be fine going to class high every couple of weeks.
  18. Carl Sagan was the man, wasn't he? He also had some wonderful opinions about our favorite plant, and our government's prohibition of it's use.

    Hey, either way, I recieved my degree. I'm just saying what worked for me. I was high every minute of those 5 years and my grades never suffered - but I don't use marijuana as a crutch to justify being lazy, or underperforming... not once has it interfered with my ability to perform any task, and that's why I use it. I knew people in school whose grades improved when they started smoking herb. I knew people who let it consume their lives, and they dropped out. Everyone is different.

    A strong work ethic matters more than whether or not you get high IMO. The people who dedicated themselves succeeded - whether they smoked weed or not. Only someone content with failure would let bud ruin their life or studies.
  19. I've never really done well in school. Freshman year in high school - failed EVERY class. Now that I'm a freshman in college, I ain't letting that happen. Funny thing is though, I smoke weed now and I realize what's wrong with this. When I was a freshmen, I never smoked. So I'm hoping weed won't interfere with my grades. I'm definitely doing homework before smoking and not going to tests high. I already went to class high today (Kinda bad idea, everyone knew because of my eyes).
  20. I go to the campus and study in the library, sober (maybe a little buzzed) for as long as I can.
    Its the only place where I cant do anything but work, so I dont get distracted.

    At home i'll end up smoking and surfing the internet.

    So anyway, forcing yourself to go somewhere where all you can do is study is a good technique, and school libraries are great for this.

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