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seasoned bong smokers, please help

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bongman1992, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. (im new to the site, but not a new smoker) ok guys i have come to the seasoned smokers section to ask a question. i have been smokin almost a year now, and have been using a simple inside out glass spoon, a homemade 2 gallon reverse gravity waterfall bong, and joints. but im gettin ready to upgrade and buy a nice bong, most likely a roor. the problem is, i am new to these fancy bongs, and dont know what i am lookin for. so my question is, what are the basic components i want to look for in my bong and what are some components i may consider upgrading with. im lookin to spend around 450 bucks but if it takes more, thats fine. so basically i just need a list of all parts of a bong, what they do, how important they are, and how much better they make the experience. any help would be GREATLY appreciated. so al u seasoned bong smokers, help a guy out. thanks alot guys, hope to see you more here on the city as time goes on.
  2. Slide
    Ash Catcher
    Ice slots
  3. you would probably learn a lot more at regarding glass ware..or glassaficianado

    a tube in the $450 range should be atleast 18" tall, probably should have a perc tree if you can get one, otherwise some sick work on it, bent neck, crown mouthpieces, colored icepinches, worked perc trees, custom logos, flame polished logos etc... are all things you would want to consider, but theres no one right bong. so your high end piece should be what you like, based on everything you've seen. So do some research around the forums i think you will get something you like better that way
  4. ya i have heard the names and everything
    but what do each do and which ones should i deffinately get
    and which ones make a huge difference
  5. muttmuchies- thanks for the info, ya i know what im lookin for in appearance, but i really want to know what FEATURES i should deffinately get, and which ones are not that important. any help with that?
  6. 3 or 4-arm perc tree (roor style ) would be great
    a good roor style diffuser
    atleast 5mm glass, but dont go over 7mm.
    Ice pinches, splashgaurd
    18.8 joint prolly
  7. cant get a perc...

    get a very well made tube with some artist's work on, such as a custom Toro tube, a custom ehle, a custom KC etc...although after typing that i just realized ALL those companies will be doing percs
  8. ok ive ALMOST got my answers that i came here lookin for
    now all i need to know is what each of those features does
  9. Do you have any headshops near you that you could go and look at bongs? THat would be the best thing to do.

    Here is a youtube of my bong. It has 18-to-14mm ash catch w/ diffused downstem, 18mm diffused downstem, a second perc chamber, splash guard, and ice catch. It's PHX, which is identical in quality to ROOR. The bong cost $300, the ROOR ash catch was another $100

    Diffused means there are little holes/slits cut into the bottom of the downstem.
  10. and the slots do what
    thanks for all yalls help
    i think im gettin an idea of what im lookin for
    and no, no headshops :(
  11. The holes or diamond cut slits are there to diffuse the smoke, meaning it breaks up the smoke into more smoke bubbles, thus creating a smoother hit because there is more smoke to water contact and a cooling of the smoke.

    A perc tree is another filtration chamber, which also should have diffuser slits (some day a perc tree will have holes probably) to further smoothen the hit.

    Splashgaurds prevent water in the perc tree from splashing up into your mouth. that will allow you to rip harder without worrying about bong water.

    The ice pinches are self explanatory, but also protect splashgaurds from ice. PHX's in my opinion are not of equal quality to roor, but are a decent piece for sure.
  12. i used to be a bong only smoker who'd do bowls outdoors, smoke joints only if offered and wouldn't touch a blunt with a 10 foot pole, but if you really want to upgrade your smoking gear, consider stepping up to a VAPORIZER.

    there are a few decent ones out there for $200 or less which isn't really that much more than an expensive bong, but the experience is SOOOOOOOOOOO much better than bonghits!

    i just did it myself for the first time about a month ago and will buy myself a vaporizer as soon as i harvest the plants i should be starting soon.

    the "smoke" out of a vaporizer is sooo much cooler than a bong and doesn't go stale. the dude who vaped me out with his $500 volcano told me he could easily hit the bag 1/2 an hour later while residual bong smoke is super harsh after just a couple minutes.

    the REALLY cool thing about vaporizers though is the taste. mmmmmmmm it tastes exactly like the smell of the bud like you were chewing on it. it's a really fresh flavor and doesn't stink the air up like smoke does. it also gives you a better high. i HATE indicas, but when i vaped the same bud i ended up buying a gram of, it was a nice up & clear high but when i smoked it at home, it had a sort of parilyzing "duhhhhhhhhhhh" couchlock effect.

    vaporizing is reported to lower the effects of canniboids and i'm inclined to believe it as i really liked the buzz i got the 2-3 times i vaped.

    one last thing, vaporizing is also supposed to be a more efficient way to partake. you get higher AND your bud lasts longer.

    even though they're really low end and don't have thermostats that let you optimize vapor temperatures, i'd get a $70 BC vaporizer before another bong any day because i bet the worst vaporizer is still better than the best bong.

    it only took one session for me to become a convert.
  13. yeh but vaporizers get you high, an thats good somtimes but nothing beats being stoned.:bongin:
  14. From 10 years of smoking i have found the best bong configuration I have ever ripped and all i smoke out of is a bong. Occasionally use other methods. As for a vaporizor i like the act of actually smoking the weed. The breaking it up packing the bowl just right (there is definitely a wrong and right way to pack a bowl, that is a rant for later) taking a lighter to it and inhaling the smoke. In a vape its almost like the vape smokes the weed for you. And as for getting a bong with a perc DONT do it. First of all they get dirty and clog the after a while. Then they are hard as hell to clean. When i clean my bongs i clean them to where they look new, and the prec makes it harder to clean. Furthermore, the perc just makes it drag when you are inhaling. It restricts air flow. And one more reason it filters the smoke too much and you loose the taste of the weed and your rips taste like stale bong. No perc, no double perc, no tripple perc, no perc. If you buy a bong straight tube with a diffuser downstem. The diffuser is the most important part, I have a straight tube and a regular bubble bottom but both have diffusers ( i like the straight tube better, RooR white label) . Diffusers make for a smother rip, it makes smaller bubbles and it doesnt chug when hitting and clearing like regular downstems. With straight tube and diffuser the rip is incredibly smooth and clears effortlessly and you can taste the weed. Buy a roor straight tube with a diffuser and no perc.
  15. if u take care of your bong it wont clog and get dirty... owner of a perc'd tube

  16. Yeah listen to Mutt, he is a certified Glass Expert. (and I am not being sarcastic)
  17. being stoned sucks rotten eggs out of a dead skunk's ass that was pulled out of another dead skunk's ass. i DESPISE IT!

    getting HIGH is the real deal and is damn near IMPOSSIBLE to do anymore as ALL dealers have the same evil indica couchlocking bullshit.

    if i had my way, i'd eradicate anything couchlocking from the planet so the world could return to smoking sativas the way it should be.

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