Season finale of whale wars tonight!

Discussion in 'General' started by GoldFishh, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. season finale whale wars!!
  2. Might have to watch it.
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    I've never really seen too much of whale wars but whenever I have shit gets pretty intense.

    With all honesty though, I most likely won't watch it tonight. Haha. :smoke:

    I might though.. you never know.
  4. Is that the show where people risk their lives to stop Japanese people from whaling?

    Like did the Japanese stop us from drilling for oil in the Gulf coast subsequently killing multiple animals?

    I say, leave the Japanese alone.
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    I say leave the whales alone, considering oil isn't alive. Plus it's not like the animals were harmed on purpose.
  6. that show blows, there never anything new on the show they just drive around in the ocean
  7. My point is, is that its risky doing that sort of thing.

    But I like your name by the way
  8. I like the Sea Shepherds, but I don't care for the show. Being on a network and representing a country that will prosecute leaves them with extremely mild tactics. Thus the show suffers because you're left with them doing the same exact things: Prop fouls, butyric acid throwing, and trying to contaminate the whales that are collected. It's pretty ridiculous. I liked them more when they were working for the Galapagos helping to protect a shark sanctuary.

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