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searching the automobile.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SmotPoker29, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. So let's say a cop stops Bob and Bob's car smells like weed. That's probable cause right the cop searches the car and finds no weed or paraphernalia BUT there's a safe in the backseat with all of Bob's weed. Can the cop force Bob to open the safe?

    I wouldn't think so. I mean if I kept my weed in a safe in my car and a cop stopped me and asked me what was in the safe ... I'd make up a bullshit story and say it's my moms bank documents or some shit & I don't have the keys to it - right? :rolleyes:
  2. Should be the case.. but that won't stop a cop if he really wants to get in there. they unfortunately are above the law in cases like that it seems
  3. that's that bullshit.
  4. Biggest thing here is to know your rights. If I get pulled over and told to step out I and they say they want to search, I tell them no not without a warrant, 9/10 there gonna say fuck it and leave you alone. I did this once when I didn't have shit on me and they had to get the warrant and that took time. Funny though, I was going to get a zone that day.
  5. To my knowledge, if they have probably cause and can legally search your car, I believe they can search anything in your car. I don't know how, just because its a safe, that it would be excluded from things they can search. Its in your car.

    If that was the case, everyone would drive around with safe's in their car full of beer and/or drugs. So I think if its in your car, and if they are doing a legal search of your car, I would tend to think that yes, they can demand the safe be opened and searched.
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    Or you could not be a twat and uhh, NOT HAVE ILLEGAL NARCOTICS IN A SAFE because having a safe in your car isn't sketchy or suspicious at all :rolleyes: noo officer mommys documents are in there you have no right!!
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    Also keep in mind they can lie and say they smell weed even if they dont, just so they can search you if they think your suspicious and/or may be hiding something.
  8. oh yea, i should just stash them in my bra so when they search my person, the shit can fall out and then i'll really look like a dumbass. :rolleyes:
    the cops have searched my car before and they never find anything because i never keep anything in there besides a lighter. they never checked the trunk so that's why i doubt they'd check the safe. what the fuck are they going to do if i say i dont have a key to it? beat me? i dont think so.

  9. Locksmith.
  10. It's because you don't know what kind of cops we have here in Newark, NJ. The finest of the finest pigs who will run red lights and cut all the traffic to pull into the nearest Dunkin' Donuts. Nice try, but I doubt they'd call a locksmith and miss out on their twinkies. :smoke:
  11. My buddys always say the cop can't search anything with a zipper or lock on it without a warrant. Not sure if it is true tho...
  12. no in most states he could not actually search the safe if you said no.. and even if he could i would still say no to the officer just to be on the safe side
  13. yea, i'll stay on the safe side and just not keep bud in my car at all. :p
  14. Show me this law in most states that state if a cop has legal right (probable cause or worse) to search you car, he can not search something that is locked inside of the car, like a safe. if he can legally search your car, he can legally search ANYTHING inside of that car.

    And, lets say for arguments sake that they can not. If an Officer has taken the time to search your car for legal reasons, gets to a safe that you will not consent to having searched, you are out of your mind if you don't think that cop is not detaining you until the search warrant arrives and that safe is broken open.
  15. i guess dude .:eek: but thats just what i've been told either way if i was driving with bud then i'd rather have a safe then it just sitting somewhere else in the car. if you act cool drive well and don't stink of cannabis you'll be fine telling that officer no to a search
  16. The cop wouldn't be searching the trunk in the first place, in situations where they smell marijuana, they are only allowed to search areas of the car within arms reach of any of the passengers, and because the trunk is essentially closed off, they cannot. At least that's how it works in NY.

    Something else about search warrants I learned from a LEO I know; If you ever ask an officer if they have a warrant, be clear and state that you want to know if they have a search warrant. There are many types of warrants and many people have fallen victim to this ploy; You ask a cop if he has a warrant, he says yes, but does not specify what type it is, he then asks if he can search your home/automobile, and under the belief that the cop has a search warrant you let him in, this is completely legal and LEOs take advantage of our ignorance in the matter every day to make arrests. If he does not say it's a search warrant, don't let that mother fucker search anything.
  17. i wish i knew that when i got stopped a year ago. i was passenger in the car with my boyfriend. all of a sudden a cop is dodging cars behind us and puts his lights on forcing us to pull over. when we did, he said "trying to get away from us, huh? step out the vehicle."
    i kept asking the cop, "what did we do wrong? what are you stopping us for?" and he just ignored my questions and said "you smoke pot. where is it?" .... and it all went downhill from there. no arrests though, just took my bud. :cool:

  18. I was in a similar situation, it's very fucked up system where police are legally allowed to bully the public, the only way to protect yourself is to know the law in depth.

    Also, baller sig picture, so vibrant.
  19. yup. just gotta know your rights.

    and thanks! got quite a few compliments on it already. :smoke:
  20. If it is in your trunk then they need a warrant on your house to search (at least in Texas). I'm not sure about the backseat though. Just don't smell up your car, keep ozium spray handy.

    Also, when your weight is in the trunk, get a stash can to keep the weed you wanna smoke up with you.

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