Searchin some street fighting tips videos and came across this

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    [ame=]Learn how to street fight Video –[/ame]

    I thought this guy was hilarious!!:smoking:

    "bam and I slit your throat" haha
  2. Clearly being a fighter and trainer all your life dosent affect your brain. BANG!
  3. Hahahaha, at the very last second you can see a bottle fall off the table. Too bad they cut it before it shattered. :( Would've loved to see the look on that dude's face :laughing:
  4. bahahahhaahahah wow.....
  5. thats exactly what I was thinking lol :D
  6. That's Bas Rutten, one of the greatest MMA fighters of all time. That entire video is on Youtube and it's actually really informative.

    Yeah though, that little 'promo' was funny.

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