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    So I was driving to work this morning and i got rear ended by a dump truck.  (see pic)  Next thing I know the cop opens my door, takes a whiff, closes the door and tells me to put my hands behind my back.  Then he puts me in the back of his car for an hour while they get a drug dog to come and smell around the area so see if i hid any drugs nearby.  Thank fucking god I have been trying not to smoke at work anymore and didn't have any, and I had recently cleaned my car and the roaches in it.
    They also brought a field sobriety officer to ask me if i had been smoking.  I told him that I hadn't.  Passed his stupid ass test.  But they charged the dump truck driver for rear ending me, probably careless driving and its all his fault so his insurance will cover me.
    When the canine officer had finished searching entire bush for weed she asked me "for her dogs sake, I don't care about the officers or the investigation, I just wana know for training the fuckin DOG" if there was really any weed in the bush.  LMAO like if there was and I said yes she wouldnt go find it and booked my ass unmercifully.  Then they let me out of the police car after an hour.  When they took the cuffs off I had big indents where they were.
    So I only got a $60 ticket for not having my insurance card on me.
    Fuckin piglets
    (thats not me in the pic)


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  2. That sucks real bad. 
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    Sure does.  I also forgot to mention that they searched through my cell phone.  But I was able to drive off and finish my day of work after tying my trunk closed with my belt.
  4. Fucking pigs, nothing better to do. 
  5. Yah right id never let the cops bust thru my phone. Also I have Touch ID and deleted my calls and texts anyways
  6. I would've told em to get fucked (in nicer words) when they said they smelt weed. You were just in an accident with a truck and the first thing they do is put you in the back of the cop car and go through your shit. Fucking dirty piggies

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  7. 4 banger 5 speed civic vroom VROOOOOMMM
  8. They wouldn't be searching my phone. I'll just tell them good luck unlocking it. Good thing you didn't have anything though

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  9. That's bullshit you didn't commit any crime or have any reasonable suspicion for them to be searching your car, especially after being raped by a dump truck. Some cops man
  10. Texas? I'll bet this was in Texas......
  11. Im pretty sure they violated his search and seizure rights by going through his phone. They had absolutely no cause to.
  12. I'm in Ontario.  They are allowed to search your cell phone here if theres no password on it.  But its completely uncalled for.  I just don't like having a password on it cuz then I have to type it in every time.  I put one on now though.

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