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Discussion in 'General' started by Burningdoe, Nov 28, 2005.

  1. i heard from a freind that you could hide weed or other drugs under the hood of your car and the police would have to get a warrant to search there. is that true?
  2. a police officer has to have your consent to search your car, if he/she doesnt then they cannot search it, unless they have a warrent or they can bring in a K9, the K9 cannot be inside the car, but if it smells something inside the car (while it is outside....and trust me they can) then they can search your car w/o your consent or a warrent.
  3. Police can search your vehicle if they have "probable cause," which includes basically whatever the hell the cop feels like at the time (speeding, suspicious behavior). Or they can search it if they have a warrant.
  4. They need any 1 of 3 things to search:

    1 - Your consent. They get it pretty often by threatening to tow the car, etc.
    2 - A warrant. Takes a little while to get most of the time.
    3 - "Probable cause" for a warrant. Basically this is what they get most of the time. It's up to the cop's judgement whether or not they think that they have enough suspicion to warrant...well, a warrant.
  5. IF its under your hood to begin with I would give them consent to search your car because 9 times out of 10 they will only look inside your car and not under your hood. I have also heard it works very well to put your stash in the gas compartment of your car especially the ones you cant manually open you have to pull the switch.

  6. Then you accedentally drip a little gas sometime and next time you light your bud, its all in flames :)
  7. that is accually a really good place i have never thought about that but right there would be a good place to stash it, yea they need probable cause and if u act really suspicous or if it smells like bud then they have enought
  8. i live in Gerorgia so the police are not gonna sit around and wait 30 minutes for a warrant they would rather be fucking someones life up with the time that they wasted getting a warrent

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