Search Warrant/Mugshots for Phelps Party House ('marihuana' wtf?)

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    Makes no mention of Phelps and wtf, they call it 'marihuana' in South Carolina.

    Mugshots of the arrested:

    Dude on page 1 smiling looks blazed and like he looking at something else not knowing where he is.

    Dude on page 2 is my favorite, and he definitely is not having a good day.

    Dude on page 3 looks tweaked off his arse (like he gobbled down a sheet of el cid as the coppers where busting in).

    Oh yeah, notice that they forked over $570 bail for "marihuana" except for one who had to post $823.50 because he had a fake South Carolina finds weed 'serious' enough to have $570 bail but only $253.50 for a fake ID. Am I the only one who finds this whacked?
  2. The second guy looks like a fucking zombie or something rofl. I just can't get over how fucking weird he looks.

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